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Monday, May 10, 2010

Khanna-o-Rama: Vinod’s shocking decision

I apologise for the delay in bringing you the last instalment of this edition of Khanna Today. Life and work came in the way of main aur Mr. Khanna, and truth to tell, I have been a bit lazy too. With Khanna-o-Rama being extended another week, I gave in to the temptation of watching Khanna films, rather than concentrating on Khanna troubles. Anyhow… I know you are dying to find out how Vinod Khanna solved his woman troubles. So here is the story of his decision and Bollywood’s reaction to the shocking news:
Vinod Khanna's tough decision - 1

Vinod Khanna's tough decision - 2

Vinod Khanna's tough decision - 3
The film world was shocked, and showed unusual solidarity in their reactions.
Vinod Khanna's tough decision - 4
Vinod Khanna's tough decision - 5

You’re wondering what the fuss is about? THIS was his solution to the problem:

Vinod Khanna's tough decision - 6
Of course, in 2010 we KNOW he didn’t get away with it, but just imagine the shock of being confronted with this news back in the 70s!


  1. LOL, he did something similar didn't he, i read his wikipedia page on how he left fame behind to go pursue some spiritual discipline, great he made it back to the acting world but from what i've seen his looks weren't on par with his beauty in the 70's

  2. ah, how nice to see he returns back to me! (this is my version and I'll stick to it!)
    BTW what happened in 2010?

  3. When I saw the caption about Vinod's decision, I thought it would be a funny take ending with his taking "Sanyas" like he did with Osho way back. However I am still chuckling at the decision you are referring to. Thanks!

  4. bollywooddeewana, yes he did leave everything to join a commune in Oregon, and then returned to swell the already crowded ranks of ageing stars in the late 80s. Like Veracious said, leaving before the complete decline of the masala was a smart decision, but returning in the late 80s was NOT!

    harvey, any returning Vinod K does on this blog is entirely at MY discretion and I KNOW he wont return to you! :-P But dream on... By 2010 I just meant that in the present we know that Vinod K's purdah didnt last long.

    hehe Filmbuff, he gave the entire world sanyaas from his looks! ;-)

  5. Not to bring the discussion into the gutter completely, but I am so glad for the recognition of his important contributions to the field of tight pant acting!

  6. No, pioneering work like his should never be forgotten. One must remember that Akshaye showed some tight pant action in Koi kahe kehta rahe, only because his Dad had already shown him the way! I think we should have a tight-pant-action-Veteran's day to celebrate all the pioneers in the field.

  7. He was one of Osho's biggest disciples too, wasn't he? I seem to remember him going about in lungi and kurta, with vast quantities of rudraksh maalas around his neck... give me a hunky 70's VK in tight pants any day!

  8. I am right now asking Vinod to tell you that he is sitting beside me and chuckling at your comics. He thinks you've done a superb job!
    C'mon Vinod don't tickle me like that!
    O I have got to stop now!
    C U! ;-)

  9. AHAHHAHAA! Shashi's was an especially appropriate response imo.

    @ Beth - as though we ever crawled out of it during this entire event.

  10. Oh Vinod! I think masks might make him even hotter. Poor guy, it's a drag having to fight off all that attention. No wonder his son prefers women to be seen and not heard.

  11. dustedoff, me too! Rudraksh is so not his thing. :D

    harvey, do thank him for me. But if he is 70s VK, you tell him to come right over to OiG pronto (today's VK can keep tickling you)!

    Amrita, NAHIIIN!!! You cant think of gutter and VK in tight pants in the same breath!

    ajnabi, yes, he hasnt cottoned on to the fact that hiding his face alone doesnt work - he needs to cover up elsewhere, too! Akshaye sounds like no woman ever listens to him - with good reason, perhaps? ;-)

  12. Renouncing the film industry for Rajneesh Ashram at the height of his popularity was a monumental blunder on the part of Vinod Khanna. In my opinion, had he stayed a little longer, he would have left Amitabh Bachchan far behind. Nevertheless, it was wise of VK to renounce the Ashram and come back to Bollywood. This can be tested from the fact that he was lapped up again in Insaf and Satyamev Jayete. However, he had lost the No.1 slot to Amitabh.
    I remember a conversation I had with two ladies while travelling in Aravali Express in 1981, regarding VK and Rajneesh. They were highly critical of VK's decision and said that the latter only entertained wealthy guys in the Ashram. Now this was something.
    I'm glad VK did not stay till his Samaadhi though it appears he was drawn for there for the Sambhog (Sambhog Se Samaadhi Tak was the best seller of Rajneesh). A friend of mine who had joined the Ashram at Koregaon Park at Pune has given me quite interesting details of the activities there.

  13. Nasir, was Vinod Khanna about to leave Amitabh Bachchan behind? I thought he was successful enough, but had no blockbusters on his own. Weren't his major successes either in multi-starrers or as villains before his hero stint?

    I have heard interesting stories about Osho's ashram too - though mostly from the press. The only person I ever knew, who was an Osho devotee, indicated that he had to be tested for AIDS before joining up!

  14. Lovely!!!! I loved what Shashi had to say :-D
    Everybody's expressions in the screencaps are amazing.

  15. Thank you, Sunheriyaadein. :)

    Everybody had amazing expressions because they werent acting, for once! ;-)