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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Khanna-o-Rama: Vinod Khanna in trouble

Vinod Khanna's troubles - 1

Vinod Khanna's troubles - 2

Vinod Khanna's troubles - 3

Vinod Khanna's troubles - 4
Vinod Khanna's troubles - 5
What will he do? Part 3 of VK’s trials and travails, coming soon!


  1. Thank you!
    You do think of my dil!
    Yes, Vinod you need me! ;-)

    did you notice, even Vidy Sinha looks beautiful in the presence of Vinod!

  2. BTW did I tell you that you are great?

  3. "If things go on like this i will be out of a job very soon..."
    Not to worry, you can launch a very successful second career (like we are all having to these days). All the ladies want you and unlike back then, they can even pay!
    Or using all that you have learnt from Oshos, launch a lucrative career being a swami which comes with perks like sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

  4. I second the call for pay-per-Vinod or Vinod-on-demand, especially if it can come with a time machine to c. 1979.

    So tragic to imagine someone so...let's say "fine" since it's not even 9 a.m. yet would deny us his...fineness. Sigh.

  5. Oh, goodness, Vinod, being a sex symbol can be your ticket to dishooming! Or, at least, watching the ladies come close to dishooming about you. ;-)

    (Bollyviewer--You? Are so funny. I am in awe.)

  6. haha harvey, now thats the kind of plain speaking I really REALLY appreciate! :D :D

    And what do you mean Vinod needs you? You have to join the queue like everybody else!

    sophy, Vinod K as a gigolo?!! *giggle* Do be careful about what you suggest in public, though. If he hears of this, he'll bring out his daaku rifle and that will be the end of you and your cash.

    Beth dear, do be careful of his evil ways. That kind of man just doesnt come on-demand without lots of explosives attached!

    ajnabi, he is just worried that if he goes on being such a hit with women, he'll end up like Rajesh Khanna. And who can blame him? I wouldnt want anyone to end up like Rajesh K!

  7. bollyviewer, you are hereby given the BlogFare Award for Best Screenplay. Genius, girl, genius! God bless you for starting my day off with a big grin! :-))

  8. Imagine what fun if you had the blog gals in those pics with VK rather than the heroines! He he he

    Truly enjoyable script, Keep going!

    BTW, I keep getting a message that " your comment is saved but may take a moment to appear" - however the comment does not appear. This has been happening for the last 2 days only

  9. As usual, awesome post! Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more....

  10. I will never forget Vinod Khanna for at least one reason: I had to wade in waist-high monsoon waters for an hour before reaching the movie-hall to watch his Elan. I was among the ten people in the entire hall which was also flooded ankle-deep. This was in the heart of the Mumbai city. LOL......

  11. dustedoff, thank you soooo much! *bowing deeply* You might want to duck out now, coz I feel an acceptance speech coming on! ;-)

    Filmbuff, that IS us blog gals in the pics! Am so glad you are enjoying our fun-n-adventures in Khanna-land. :D

    Re the comments, blogger has been doing something funny about them for me, too, and not just on this blog. Hopefully it'll get sorted out soon.

    Daddy's Girl and veracious, glad you're enjoying it.

    Nasir, you certainly love your Vinod Khanna! In the Bombay rains, I never went further than the nearest sea-shore. But then, with no young Vinod K around in the 90s, there really wasnt any motivation!

  12. So much fun! Thanks for this!

  13. "You have to join the queue like everybody else!"

    No, no queue for me!
    He is complaining about women and not men! So there! :-P

  14. Rosie, glad you enjoyed it!

    harvey, you think there isnt a queue of men?! You've got another think coming, my friend! Wait till you see the juiciest piece of gossip I've gotten hold of - that'll tell you what (or rather who) you're up against.

  15. I was a little too far behind in the queue, so missed out on all the fun ;-) But I guess it's never too late to join.

  16. Thats the best thing about blog parties - one can join them any time. :) Hope you get more time for blogging, and (more importantly) film-watching, now.