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Monday, April 14, 2008

Other filmi posts


Filmi non-sense!

·  Dev Anand: A musical interview (Part 2) 

·  Dev Anand: A musical interview (Part 1)

·  Of monsoons and things filmi… - looking for cloud-chasing songs

·  It’s a tie – the biggest and best ties in filmdom

·  Sense and Sensuality: advice from THE Diva (part I) – Rekha helps with a wise word

·  Crimes against gender: confessions of a Bhartiya Naari – examining my transgressions against female stereotypes

·  My New Year resolutions – made in 2010, but never kept!

·  Santa gifts digest: the awesome videos edition

·  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) – help me complete the story! – looking at Anjali’s lost years and her missing romance

·  Scariest subtitle ever?

·  I am still around! – Vinod Khanna stands up for pink-wearing males

·  Masala madness ain't half as crazy as my kiddie-imagination! – a look at some of my film-related childhood misconceptions

·  A century too late... – The National Archives of India realise that they have no prints of India’s first feature film and first talkie

·  Heavenly masala movie-making… – Manmohan Desai gives Danny Boyle some much-needed advice on making masala films

·  Happy New Year!!! – a link to the premier of Ittefaq in 1969

·  Happy Holidays!!! – Dec 2008

·  Filmi professions – just how professional are they? – with examples from filmi science and scientists

·  Emerging trends in interrogation techniques: an overview of Bollywood-related methods. – using Bollywood films to torture confessions out of suspects

·  Points to ponder - a rant against "good" movies – an angry look at A Wednesday and Black Friday

·  Mahabharata - Injurious to public sentiment? A filmi depiction of the epic could potentially hurt public sentiments and contravene existing Indian Laws!

·  The colors of Bollywood – discover Govinda’s fashion icon

·  The joys of youtube! – Talat Mahmood sings a Rafi song

·  Goodies on youtube - Helen Queen of Nautch Girls (1973)

·  Climbing in the Canadian Rockies – my adventures with rock climbing

·  Shashi in fancy dress!!! Guess where....



·  My ten favourite Geeta Dutt songs – her happy duets

·  The haunting: my 10 favourite ghost songs – songs sung by ghosts/pretend ghosts

·  Nashe main hum – my favourite drink buddies – ten drunk Bhartiya naaris

·  Mellifluous melodies: my favorite Shamshad Begum songs

·  The navrasas (9 emotions) of Rafi – Rafi in 11 moods

·  A beauty pageant for OiG’s second birthday! - Bollyviewer celebrates two years of Old is Gold with a list of 10 Bollywood hunks from the 70s

·  The glorious 70s – my masala top ten – 10 favorite 70s masala films

·  My favorite filmi Mr. Rights! – 10 perfect and scrumptious filmi men

·  My ten favorite Kishore Kumar songs – 10 serious songs from the King of wack

·  Double-trouble or twice as nice? My favorite Bollywood-double roles – 11 fun doubles

·  Movieland’s medical miraclesFilmi doctors miraculously cure 7 dreaded and potentially terminal diseases

·  The A-Z of Mohammed Rafi – a Rafi song for each letter of the English alphabet

·  A year of blogging – a journey down memory lane – Bollyviewer celebrates a year of Old is Gold with a list of favorite blogs

·  My favorite piano-songs – 15 songs and 7 moods!

·  Fairy Godmother came calling (partII): My favorite brawny, brainy, beauties of Bollywood

·  Fairy Godmother came calling (part I) – my favorite Bolly-beauties

·  From Hollywood to Bollywood - of romantic comedies and remakes – Bollywood remakes of 5 Hollywood romcoms

·  Indian literature in Bollywood – 5 Hindi films based on Indian literature

·  My 10 favorite Shashi Kapoor films


Polls on Old is Gold

·  A beauty pageant for OiG’s second birthday! - Bollyviewer celebrates two years of Old is Gold with a poll to decide who’s the hunkiest of 10 Bollywood hunks from the 70s

·  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) – help me complete the story! – A poll to decide who plays Anjali’s (Kajol) other love interest

·  Poll: So which movie should be OiG’s next post? – readers help me decide which movie to write about

·  Poll: Abhi to main jawaan hoon – choose Bollywood’s “Evergreen” Actor #1 – and Big B wins hands down!


Theme weeks:

70s week 2010

·  The glorious 70s: Awards night – The masala awesome awards or MAAs for the 70s decade

·  The glorious 70s: Shyam Benegal takes center stage – looking at the director’s contribution to the 70s and his Junoon.

·  The glorious 70: a decade of Hrishikesh Mukherjee – a brief look at what makes his films so special with focus upon Guddi, Chupke Chupke, and Buddha Mil Gaya

·  The glorious 70s: waiting for Hrishikesh Mukherjee – he sent youtube entertainment to keep us busy while I took time to write about him!

·  The glorious 70s: shining the spotlight on Gulzar – his films are things of beauty as a brief look at Mausam and Khushboo clearly shows

·  The glorious 70s – my masala top ten - 10 favorite 70s masala films

·  The 70s are here! 

Shashi week 2010

·  BLB and OiG exclusive – Shashi's top secret speech at the Filmfares

·  Discovery of an unknown 1970s Shashi Kapoor + Manmohan Desai film and a behind-the-scenes look at it

·  Kaarnama (1979) Part IV – MAA and THE END

·  Kaarnama (1979) part III – the mystery edition

·  Kaarnama (1979) part II – SHASHI!!!

·  Kaarnama (1979) part I - twins torn asunder

·  Kaarnama (1979) – A bromantic break

·  Kaarnama (1979) – an interview with Manmohan Desai

·  Kaarnama (1979): a masala feast for Shashi-week!

Shashi week 2009

·  Shashi Kapoor’s hairy-tale - Part I and  Part II – a look at why Shashi’s hair grew and curled in the 70s

·  Ek Aur Ekk Gyarah (1981) – film review

·  Neeyat (1980) - more Shashi-masala – film review

·  My 10 favorite Shashi Kapoor films



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