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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Of monsoons and things filmi…

Have you been wondering whether this blog can be listed as abandoned property? Wonder no more. OiG is still very much alive and well. I’ve just been busy trying to move clouds and have had no time for film-watching or blog visits.


The trouble started when the Monsoons arrived in Calgary. Now, there is only one thing certain about Calgary weather, and that is that you can never predict what it will be like in a day or two, or even an hour or two! But for all it’s famous un-predictability, I doubt if anybody could have foreseen the coming of the Monsoons to this part of the Canadian West. There’ve been days of clouds and rains that would do Bombay proud! And while I am usually fond of clouds and rain, I do prefer to get to work in a relatively dry condition. So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been super busy trying to send the clouds back to Bombay with the power of thought and filmi songs. The latter, I feel, would be the most powerful method to move clouds, but I have hit an unexpected snag there. Every rain song that I can think of, exhorts the clouds to bring on the showers! So I am woefully short of cloud-chasing songs. Can any of you help?

Moving on to other filmi matters, Masala Zindabad now has part 1 of a lively and irreverent discussion between yours truly and hosts Amrita and Beth. We discuss "Iconic Female Characters in Hindi Cinema" and the evolution of the all-important Bhartiya Naari!


  1. You are back and the lovely screen caps with captions!!!!!!
    Arre waah!
    So did the kali ghatayeen move from Calgary to Bombay?
    I think so, because they are arriving here tomorrow!
    You should have sung: Ja re badra bairi ja re ja re, to them.

  2. Really liked the podcast, I recommend it to all, and am waiting for future installments.
    LOL at all the captions, "somebody else's wig", would that be :-
    a)Dev Anand b)Raaj Kumar c)Feroz Khan d)All of the above.
    The closest I came to finding a "cloud-chasing" song is (you have to read between the lines) :-
    "Ja Re, Ja Re Ud Ja Re Panchi, Baharon Ke Des Ja Re"

  3. Thank you harvey! Just played the song and the clouds seem to be shifting - I can almost see the sun on the horizon!!! :)

    Samir, I don't think Rakesh Roshan cares whose wig, as long as his own locks are safe. I'd plump for Raj Kumar - not even a sodden wig would affect his looks! ;D

    Reading between the lines is something I am still learning (thanks to harvey), but this one is particularly good. My rendition may just scare away the clouds, even if I only ask the panchhis to go away!

  4. Hmmm all the rain songs I know seem to encourage the baarish, great to have you back and i'm loving that screen cap of Rakesh, what film is it from it, that screen cap would go nicely under my stars in sunglasses post

  5. Another cloud-chasing song I can think of is this one from Bhabhi, Kaare-kaare baadra jaa re jaa re baadra:

    But yes, nearly all the cloud songs there are out there, invite - literally beg - the clouds to come.

  6. Here is a song giving some sound advise (even though it's just stating a fact).

    So if you repeat the words of this song from Bin Badal Barsaat - 'bin badal barsaat na hogi' about 500 times it would brainwash the clouds into losing their identity and behaving in a very non-cloudy way i,e. not rain.


  7. Would this count? jaa re badra bairi jaa re jaa re ... She is asking the badal to bring the sandesh from her piya, but she is definitely asking the badal to go! I haven't checked on the movie, but I think it is sung by Asha.

  8. bollywooddeewana, the papa Roshan screencap is from Khel Khel Mein. He had some truly fantastic fashions in that film! You should check it out.

    dustedoff, it helps so much to have knowledgeable readers! :D I love Kaare kaare baadra ja re ja re baadra - thanks for reminding me of it. Next time a cloud shows up on the horizon, I'll let loose with it! :D

    Pacifist, that is a very original approach! I am certainly going to give it a shot. :D :D

    I am curious about the film now. What are Biswajit and Asha Parekh doing in a B/W film and why is he startled by Nishi's unveiling? Have you seen the movie?

    Lalitha, harvey mentioned this song in the comments above, and yes, it definitely counts. Every little bit of musical cloud-chasing is required!

  9. Yes, bollyviewer, I've seen Bin Baadal Barsaat. It's all about a curse on Biswajeet's family since his grandfather time about 'not marrying'.
    The curse is by a tribal chief (now dead), but legacy is being carried on by them. Nishi is meant to marry Biswajeet (she's the tribal daughter).
    He wants to marry Asha, and he does. She's comes to dance at the wedding - sort of a reminder to him that he will face the consequences.

    BTW here's another remedy for sending the clouds away. But it works 'only' if your balma is not with you. He should be in Bombay if that's where you want to send the clouds. LOL!

    Ja re kaare badra balma ke paas.


  10. the screen caps are signature you!!

  11. You should sent the clouds to Toronto instead--the IIFA is on here!

  12. pacifist, more ghostly antics? Biswajit does tend to invite the supernatural a lot more often than any other hero I know of!

    Ja re kaare badra balam ke paas is a good cloud chasing song, but I think it would be a bit hard on my balam to be stuck with clouds I do not want! ;D

    Sharmi, thanks!

    Niranjana, I thought about it, but decided that the stars need to shine on Toronto - sometime!

  13. bollyviewer, now I know why I was so sodden and couldn't seem to find a way to remain dry in Bombay - it was YOU!

  14. Lime(tte), I am still distracted by the clouds!

    Anuradha, you are NOT supposed to be dry in Bombay monsoons! ;D I am still working on chasing away the clouds from Calgary though - Bollywod just hasn't made enough cloud-chasers for a truly Canadian monsoon!

  15. Hey, where are you? The monsoons have come and gone and Bombay is thrumming to the beats of Ganesh Chaturthi. You are not supposed to be digging yourself into a hole in Calgary. :)

  16. No holes in Calgary! At the moment I am busy writing a book about the 100 best ways to procrastinate. Sadly, I find it rather hard to get down to writing it... :D

  17. Rain sure evokes music. It's the beauty of the nature that brings out the amazing tunes. Here's one great list of Bollywood rain songs that i stumbled upon.

  18. Nice post, I too have not been reading or posting much lately, but what I HAVE finally been getting around to is listening to YOU on Masala Zindabad and enjoying your contributions thoroughly!

    All the best!

  19. Tu chhupi hai kahaan, hum tadapte yahaan...

  20. Amit, "beauty of nature" seems to depend a lot upon your geographical location. Out here in Canada, clouds and rains are not considered beautiful and certainly do not evoke poetical flights of pleasure!

    Sita-ji, thank you! I had a ton of fun chatting with Beth and Amrita about my favorite (and not so favorite) filmi characters.

    Anuradha, aati hoon main, jaldi hai kya? ;D Summer isn't yet over in Calgary, so I've had no time to blog yet. Soon...