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Saturday, May 7, 2011

It’s a tie

I haven’t been in much of a film-watching mood, what with all the TV series I needed to catch up on. But today, watching Maha Badmash, one thing caught my interest and made me want to watch more films, if only for academic research. No, it was NOT Vinod Khanna’s famous swimming trunks (and the figure that went with it). It was his stupendous bow tie that intrigued me. Clearly, for a Bollywood hero, a tie is not just a tie but a statement of machismo and size does seem to matter in these things! Here, take a look at it. Can you honestly say that this piece of cloth would not draw your attention?

And here are some other magnificent specimens of said article of clothing. What do you say? How does Vinod Khanna's tie compare with that of the hoi polloi? Does any of them offer any competition to the sheer magnificence of the enormous red bow at his throat?

You think this was just an excuse to post some great tie-candy? You are so wrong. I am dedicated to research in the field of filmi bow ties. Time permitting, I will keep bringing you more fruits of my research. And I would strongly encourage all of you to pay closer attention to this all-important piece of apparel. If you ever see a tie that could rival Vinod Khanna’s record breaking neck-piece, please do bring it to my attention. In the meantime, I will start writing about the men films behind these ties.


  1. Love! fun stuff... can't wait to see more.

  2. What a delightful idea for a post!! Thank you - that was great fun. :-) And while Vinod Khanna's tie takes the cake when it comes to sheer size, I think Rishi Kapoor's is hard to beat for that 'perfectly coordinated-with-patterned-jacket' feel. ;-) The 70s, as far as I am concerned, were NOT a good period for clothing. Especially bow ties.

  3. I think it really means 'I HAVE what I wear on my neck!"

    *in a confession mode/mood* Some 15 years back I had a bow tie, which looked awful, but nothing compared to what Vinod has! But then, he IS VINOD!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tie candy! Ha! Based on my 70s week collection of neckwear, I think Rishi is indeed the next best contender....

    PS I know the only reason you didn't do a series on swimming trunks inspired by Maha Badmash is that there couldn't possibly be anything even close to the same league as Vinod's :D

  5. Vinod Khanna in swimming trunks! Two Neetus. Bad masala movie! I need this right now. :)

    That bow tie is enough to double up as a napkin when he finishes eating, no?

    And you liked DOwnton Abbey! *sigh* It was one of the best series that I had seen for a long time - I am so glad I got the DVD. Being a WGBH member has its benefits.

    Have you watched a series called As Time Goes By? It's hilarious, and no man ought to know women so well as the writer seems to have done, and Philip Bretherton who plays Alastair makes my jaded heart skip a couple of beats! If you haven't already, watch it, do.

  6. Sharmi, these ties are attached to some great eye-candy, aren't they? :D

    Kanan, I'll keep a sharp lookout for more bow-ties and add them in as and when I find them. In the meantime do look up Beth's excellent tie-candy post.

    dustedoff, thanks! I can't believe there was a period in time when loud was actually fashionable. Come to think of it, 80s and 90s were a lot worse, but it was more garish fashions than loud ones.

    harvey, naah! Methinks Anuradha has fathomed the mystery of the monster tie - it's a convenient way to carry a table napkin! And Vinod sure can rock anything! :) I am curious about your tie - do you still have it? Maybe you should set yourself up in competition against the tie World Champion.

    Beth, I can't believe I scoured the deepest darkest recesses of the internet to look for tie-competitors for Vinod K, and they were all there in your post. Not that anybody comes close to touching our smoldering hero. I am not familiar with 70s Hollywood - do you think anybody there could give our hero a run for his money?

    As far as swimming trunks go, apart from Vinod K and Kabir Bedi, there are absolutely no candidates for the swimsuit round in a filmi Mr. Hunk contest!

    Anuradha, this one is available for free viewing on bigflix.

    Downton Abbey is so good. I wish they'd hurry up and bring on the second season. In the meantime, check out this parody of the show.

    I have watched a few episodes of As Time Goes By - ones that involved Judi Dench planning her wedding. It was fun, but I do not recall anybody on the show who was even remotely likely to cause my heart to skip a beat. Now that you've assured me there is one such, I'll put it on my to-watch list! :D

  7. Fan-tie-stic post! I think Vinod could ultimately blind someone with the sheer magnificent magnitude of that giant red piece of neck fabric!

    I will surely keep an eye out now for examples of neck bling!

  8. no way can my bow tie measure to that of Vinod! It was a tiny one. And one fine day it commited suicide: It jumped in the washing machine with other clothes for 60°C and it came out quite dead and looking very much out of colour!
    RIP bow tie!
    Or should we say good riddance to bad rubbish, but that would be very impious!

  9. My dear woman, a blind woman cannot miss Alastair Deacon on 'As Time Goes By' - apart from the wonderful Judi Dench, and the absolutely adorable Lionel, Alastair, Rocky and Madge are what keeps that show going - ably supported by Judy and Sandy, of course. But my dear girl, Philip Bretherton! How can you have missed him??

  10. Great compilation here, really enjoyed watching all these 70's heros in bow-ties.
    I am sure there are several 70's villains in bow-ties as well; Ajit, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri anyone.
    I did wear a tuxedo & bow-tie for a wedding, and I constantly kept expecting a "Raabert" to show up and ask me for a "code-word". Sadly, no such luck; no one even called me "Basss" :)

  11. Samir, that is because you didn't have Mona Dahling next to you! :)

  12. This one springs to my mind immediately, especially since the wearer of it kept saying "Leave my bow! Leave my bow!" (although it could be just a case of bad subtitling). From Bundal Baaz:


  13. Speaking of bow ties, OIG, I saw Raja Jaani last night - nothing to beat Dharam's bow ties in this movie! They are more like girlie scarfs!

    Movie was very entertaining esp the songs. Kishore Kumar's title song is one of my favourites. All the other lata songs were melodious too. Overall entertaining masala movie

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  15. Shell, 'neck bling'! :D Of course, poor men aren't allowed any genuine bling, thats why they have to turn to enormous ties. ;D

    harvey, that is sad... Perhaps you should take a cue from our manly tie-champion and pick up the loudest table napkin in Ikea for your neck-candy?

    Anuradha, you've sold me. I'll try As Time Goes By again, as soon as the library coughs up the DVDs, and keep my eyes peeled for heart-stoppingly-handsome men. :D

    samir, if you'd only tried Maggi's tamatar ka saas, you may have had Bass's new-age avatar show up!

    memsaab, Pinchu Kapoor looks like he can be the runner-up in the tie-championship. He's the only one who can come close to matching Vinod K's magnificent neck-wear.

    Filmbuff, I know Dharam has sported some magnificent neck bling in his time, I just could not remember where. Now I need to re-watch Raja Jaani (like I need an excuse!).

    The Bolly Hood, welcome to the blogging world! I will be sure to check out your blog. :)

    theBollywoodFan, I do not remember any recent instance of ties in films. The men rarely don suits in films anymore! :( How about giving me some examples?

  16. Hilarious! I will pay special attention to this, while watching purana films "As Ties Go By"...