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Monday, May 3, 2010

Khanna-o-Rama: Khanna Today teaser

No readers, I hadn't abandoned my blog. The blogiversary party kind of distracted me from movie-watching. After all, I only watch movies for the beautiful people in them, and they were right here on OiG’s blogthday party. So there wasn't much point in watching movies for them!
Now its time for a celebration of another sort – a blog-wide Khannathon! Yes, its time for each of us to indulge in some Khanna fandom and talk about our favourite Khannas. Since I don't believe in keeping secrets, I’ll tell you straight out that Vinod Khanna happens to be the most popular of the clan on OiG, but he isnt the only one. His jazz-loving son is gradually rising in the popularity stakes, here, and I wouldnt be surprised if he soon outranked his Papa with one good lead role in a well-made film.
Coming to the agenda for Khanna week, I am afraid that press of work-related deadlines makes it impossible for me to analyse the Khanna kontribution to kcinema, or even review any of the several Khanna-starrers that I’ve seen. So, I’m taking a shortcut and bringing you, instead, select articles from Filmi Times’ enormously popular column - Khanna Today – this week. They’ll bring you up-to-speed with some significant happenings in the world of Khannas, both in the present and in the past.
Here’s the first instalment:

A normal day in the Khanna household...
Trouble is brewing...


  1. CLIFFHANGER ENDING! This is too awesome! I can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Khanna Today! Hee! And yesterday, and tomorrow, and and and ....

    Also, that second shirt is AMAZING.

    I started 99 last night and he has most definitely still got it.

  3. This is wicked! You spend your free hours a lot better than me!

  4. That second picture... GUH! I have a pile of caps of Vinod smoking that need their day in the sun...

  5. I want Vinod to hold MY hand and smile at ME like that. Hmph.

  6. Not just the shirt but its wearer too--amazing like Beth said.

  7. Fantastic - keep the instalments coming.

    That is yogita bali with vk in the first shot right?

    I have got Haath Ki Safai in my TBW pile where VK was the villain.

    I recently saw Insaaf - VK and Dimple Kapadia. A true masala movie with a very handsome VK.

  8. Great as usual Bollyviewer, i'm eagerly awaiting what's next

  9. You're a genius, bollyviewer! Now hurry up and show us whether he can get away with it or not. ;-)

    Is that screen cap from Memsaab? The only film I can think of that starred VK with Yogita Bali. It had an unusual villain too, if I remember correctly...

  10. Ness, he does live in a rather suspenseful world. Anything can happen!

    veracious, thank you!

    Beth, what do you say - should we have a 70s shirt competition? I suspect he comes nowhere near the other 70s stalwarts in that, though! ;-)

    Rum, hehe. I cant believe I've admitted that I spend my free hours thinking up VK adventures. The things I admit on this blog!

    Filmi Girl, he is particularly good with smoke wreathing around him! Bring on your screen shots of smokin VK.

    sunheriyaadein, thank you!

    ajnabi, stand in line and wait your turn. It might take years, but I'm sure you can occupy yourself well in the meantime! ;-D

    sophy, he IS... :-D

    Filmbuff, yes that is Yogita Bali. Haath Ki Safai is a re-working of Do Ustad with VK playing a master thief with a very soft spot for his honest wife. So you neednt worry about his villainy. You will have to sit through Randhir Kapoor's performance, though!

    bollywooddeewaana, thank you so much!

    awww dustedoff, thank you! He can get away with almost anything but this... I dont know. We'll see. :-)

    The first screencap is from Mere Apne where Yogita Bali has a very brief appearance as the cause of his enmity with Shotgun. I havent seen Memsaab, is it good? Yogita and Vinod were together in Sauda, too.

    harvey, just because he is domesticated does not mean he is leg-shackled! With all those women after him, potatoes (and Yogita Bali) will be displaced by greater troubles, just you wait and watch...

  11. Ah, thank you. I haven't (*blush*) yet seen Mere Apne, but will someday... Memsaab is all right, I don't remember much of it - it's one of those thriller sort of films (Y Bali is a mysterious femme fatale whom our man ends up following through the backwaters). The main thing I recall is that there's an unexpected twist in the film. Usual masala.

  12. There is a melodious lata song in Memsaab - " Mujhe doondh le aakar saayian mera pyaar hai bhool bhulaiye - me chupke -2 gaon, chup jaon, tere saath na mein awoon". Other than this song and the fact that it had yogita bali I have no clue about this movie

  13. dustedoff, even usual masala with Vinod K in the lead is good enough for me. It wont be easy imagining Yogita as a femme fatale, though!

    Filmbuff, the web doesnt seem to know much about the film either! Will have to look out for it...