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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kaarnama (1979) – A bromantic break

I know I promised to tell you about this newly discovered masala-masterpiece, after the preliminaries were over, but the need to catch up with my forty winks has gotten to me. I got so lost in chatting with Mr. Khabarwala and getting to know every kaarnama that went on the sets, that I just didnt get time to write it all up. You WILL get the whole story, minus the scandalous gossip, before long, though. In the meantime, check out this fantabulous song from the film: Is ishq mein har aashiq ko, aag pe chalna padta hai (In love, every lover has to walk on fire).

MD certainly went against the norm and cast actors against type! I know you all think Shashi made the masala jodi no. 1 with Amitabh Bachchan and will bring up Ae yaar sun to prove your point, but are you sure you want to stick to that view after this song? Doesnt he have equally great chemistry with Ranjit? Why, they even have matching curls!
Anyhow, Kaarnama has more such surprising kaarnamas in store for you. More about them tomorrow…


  1. Yes, wonder why they were never cast as brothers. :)

  2. It probably says a lot about my viewing habits that I have seen this in a movie context.

    It's great fun though, funny hats and a fake beard.

  3. I can't wait for more on kaarnama, but will take a fun Shashi song any day. Hope Ami wasn't jealous!

  4. Banno, they should have been cast as identical twins! If only MD had made a movie like that...

    gebruss, once it became clear that Kaarnama will never see the light of day, the film was cannibalised for scenes whenever Shashi was running low on dates - so you may have seen clippings of the film in lots of other places. This song, for example, showed up in Mr. Romeo!

    Shell, just between you and me, Shashi did have trouble with AB over this, but he managed to smooth things over with his usual charm.

    Beth, aint it? If only you could see the rest of the film's fabulousness!

  5. Will I be considered really nasty if I beg you to forgo your forty winks and tell us more?! I can't wait for tomorrow!

    Seriously, though: have you ever thought of writing? You'd be very good at those unputdownable page-turners! :-)

  6. dustedoff, writing "unputdownable page-turners" is your job (cant wait for the next one). I'd much rather just sleep. ;-)

  7. But you have just written an unputdownable page-turner, so what if it's a blog post! I'm loving it. :-)

  8. The effort is killing me! I have an entirely new appreciation for writers, especially for authors like you who write unputdownable page-turners professionally.

  9. I'm seconding everything dustedoff says!