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Monday, April 13, 2009

My favorite piano-songs

In days of yore, rich people always had large parties in huge living rooms full of glitterati, sweeping staircases, shiny chandeliers and a Baby Grand Piano. In modern times though, rich people have fallen on hard times and standards have deteriorated beyond recognition. There are NO pianos in living rooms anymore - not even in that of Karan Johar’s rich NRI protagonists’ (well they do say that people forget their sanskriti (culture) when they live abroad!). So, for my piano fix, I need to revisit oldies from the 50s and 60s that were overflowing with people from the piano-owning (and playing) classes. Here are some of my favorites that have at least one character “playing” the piano throughout the song.

The playful piano
Yeh mard bade dil-dard bade (Miss Mary): Meena Kumari has some sage advise to offer fellow women in Lata Mangeshkar’s voice - “Men are evil. Dont ever fall for their sweet-talk”. Of course the men have their comeback - the irrefutable “we rule the world” – voiced by Gemini Ganeshan in Mohd. Rafi’s voice! Hemant Kumar composed the music for the gender-war lyrics penned by  Rajinder Krishan.

The joyful piano
Dheere dheere machal ae dil-e-bekarar (Anupama): A loving wife anticipates the pleasure her husband (Tarun Bose)’s arrival will bring her… and continues to anticipate, even after his arrival! Lata Mangeshkar sings this lovely song to the tune of Hemant Kumar’s music in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s romance classic.

Chehre pe khushi chha jaati hai (Waqt): A lovely young woman (Sadhana) describes the joy of hearing her beloved (Sunil Dutt) claim her for his own. Sung by Asha Bhosle to the accompaniment of Ravi’s music in B. R. Chopra’s stylish star-studded family drama.

Dil ko lakh sambhala ji (Guest House): Another lovely young woman (Shakila) explains to the piano-player (Ajit) how she lost her heart to him. Lata Mangeshkar sings to Chitragupta’s music and Prem Dhawan’s lyrics.

Milte hi aankhen dil hua (Babul): Munawar Sultana and Dilip Kumar, in the first flush of their romance, tell each other of their mutual love in this tragic-romance (its B/W Dilip so happiness is almost impossible!). The singers are Talat Mahmood and Shamshad Begum, and the music is composed by Naushad.

The romantic piano

Aap ke haseen rukh pe (Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi): The handsome hero (Dharmendra) sings of how the beauty of his beloved (Tanuja) moves his heart. But since nobody’s told him to be more specific, he lands up unwittingly wooing his loved one’s sis (Mala Sinha) as well! Rafi’s magic voice sings this intoxicating number to O. P. Nayyar’s music (umm… where did he forget his horse-beats?) in the last film Guru Dutt ever produced.

Khwab ho tum ya koi haqeeqat (Teen Deviyan): Another romantic classic. This one is picturised on the Evergreen Dev Saab (before he turned green!) who’s singing about this wonderful gal that he’d like to know. The women around him are all hoping that he’s singing about them while Simi Garewal and Kalpana are absolutely certain he has them on his mind! The singer is Kishore Kumar, the music composed by the great S. D. Burman and the lovely lyrics were the work of Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Manzil wahi hai pyar ki (Kathputli): “Love remains the same, only the lovers change”, thus singeth Subir Sen for Balraj Sahni while Vyjayanthimala dances on, oblivious to all the love in the air! The music is composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics are by Hasrat Jaipuri.

Pyar deewana hota hai (Kati Patang): More romance… This time its Rajesh Khanna (at the height of his superstardom) serenading Asha Parekh in Kishore Kumar’s voice with R. D. Burman’s music and his very own flirty antics.

The pain-of-love piano

Sab kuch luta ke hosh mein (Ek Saal): The gorgeous Madhubala sings out her heart-break, while the cause of it all (Ashok Kumar) looks on in guilt-ridden silence. Its Lata Mangeshkar voicing Prem Dhawan’s lyrics in Ravi’s music. There is a Talat Mahmood version that I like even more, but it lacks the all important piano!

Jhoom ke ga yun aaj mere dil (Patanga): Dont be fooled by the mega-watt smile. Shashi Kapoor is about to sacrifice his much-loved Greek statue (Vimmi) – and is in deep PAIN! And its Rafi’s voice thats doing an excellent job of conveying his pain in Neeraj’s lyrics set to music by Shankar-Jaikishan.

Dil ke jharojhe mein tujhko bithakar (Brahmachari): This time the one in pain is Shammi Kapoor. He is promising to remember his love (Rajshree), always. Only the black-hearted Pran is unmoved by Shammi-Rafi’s combined pain! The music is once again by Shankar-Jaikishan (Gosh, they do have a penchant for piano songs!) and the lyrics are Hasrat Jaipuri’s.

Angsty piano

Dil chhed koi aisa nagma (Inspector): This was a serendipitous discovery on youtube and inspite of the awful print, became an instant favorite. There is the lovely Geeta Bali exhorting her heart to sing a song that’ll melt the world. Minoo Mumtaz looks on sympathetically, while Dada Mani sits in uncomfortable bewilderment. Is the lament directed at him? Wish I knew! (Let me know if any of you do – I want to know about the film and the 'net is very unforthcoming.)

Lost-and-found piano

Jeet hi lenge baazi hum-tum (Shola Aur Shabnam): We are all familiar with the childhood sweethearts sub-genre of the lost-and-found formula. But rarely have childhood sweethearts been re-united by piano-side with such lovely music. Rafi and Lata sing this Khaiyyaam-Kaifi Azmi composition for Dharmendra and Tarla Mehta while the clueless third-corner-of-the-triangle (M. Rajan) looks on.

Philosophical piano

Ajab hai dastaan teri (Shararat): Another serendipitous find on youtube, this one has Kishore Kumar lip-syncing to Mohd. Rafi’s voice! A lovely song composed by guess who? Piano-kings Shankar-Jaikishan, who else! Rafi—Kishore are talking about the strangeness of life and how it makes you laugh some times and cry at others.

Have I convinced you that we need to petition the powers-that-be in Bombay for a piano come-back? Shantanu Moitra did his best in Piyu bole (Parineeta 2005) but he clearly needs more support! Of course, the petition will also have to give examples of good piano songs so that the film-makers would know what we’re looking for. So lets list ALL of them!


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  2. Besharam people who forget their culture!

    While I associate the ol' angsting piano solo as more Dilip Kumar, Shashi Kapoor + Mohd. Rafi + Shankar-Jaikishan = ENDLESS ETERNAL LOVE for me. I MUST see Patanga now, only to see their powers combined.

  3. theBollywoodFan, the piano-petition duly notes your invaluable addition. Do come back with more as and when you remember!

    ppcc, actually Raj Kapoor did a lot of angsty piano stuff too (Anari and Sangam, for e.g.). It figures, since his music directors of choice were always piano-kings Shankar-Jaikishan! But yes, Shashi+angst+piano is SUBLIME! :-D And Patanga is pretty cute, too.

  4. Apt post on piano songs in hindi movies.

    Some recent add ons include the Rajesh Khanna & Rekha movie "Agar tum na hotey". I think the title song has some piano scenes in it.

    All your selections are good plus the write up.


  5. Music Online, welcome to OiG and thanks for the vote of confidence. You have a pretty awesome site yourself!

    Anonymous, thanks! I'll be sure to check out Agar Tum Na Hote songs.

  6. Yay!!! Piano songs!!!

    I'll have to go back and watch all these videos when I have time. :) Piano is such a Hollywood-style musical instrument, na? I love in "Viva Las Vegas" when Elvis plays a song for Ann Margaret on the piano in her living room and a whole orchestra joins in... ah... fond memories.

  7. Wow! And here I had just thought that piano only signaled doom and/or gloom!

    I take it upon myself to find post-mid-90s examples of pianos...surely there must be some!

  8. PS I knew there was a reason I slaved through ten years of piano lessons.

    And here's my favorite Shashi piano song, "Chale They Saath Milkar" from Haseena Maan Jayegi, in which his piano-playing seems to conjure up major sections of an orchestra as well.

  9. Filmi Girl, somehow I always associate Elvis with guitar. I've seen a bunch of his movies but dont recall a piano song. Have to find it, NOW! The piano is certainly a Hollywood-style musical instrument, but its also a Bollywood-style party item! ;-)

    Beth, piano signals EVERYTHING in Bollywood! And you can play it - like REALLY play it and not finger-sync to background music! Awesome. Do you also know how to conjure up a whole orchestra by playing a few keys on the piano? If yes, then Shashi clearly has some strong competition!

    The Haseena Maan Jayegi song would have made it to this post, if only Shashi hadnt given in to the impulse to create music sans the piano, half way through! Its a lovely song and probably his only happy piano song (he has so many!).

    And yes, some post-mid-90s pianos would be awesome. Even the 80s had some (though I refuse to admit them in my favorites' list) - but by 90s things had gone so far downhill that the poor piano was completely extinct! :-(

  10. You've beaten me to this - I'd been planning to do a top ten piano songs too! Will still do it sometime, but I doubt if I could get as witty as you - or find such little-known gems. Lovely; there are so many songs here that I've heard (sometimes only audio), and many for which I've not even seen the film. I'm off to add to my `must-see' list!

    BTW, another recent song with a piano in it is Yeh nigaahein, from Khoya khoya Chand. But again, like Parineeta, set in the 50's and 60's.

  11. Well, Piano is used in some of recent films like Saawariya, Yuvvraj, OSO but never they did create 'that' effect. And in 90's a screechy song of Mann was also there. :D I think title song of 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' could have been more effective if it had piano innit.

    From newer songs, I absolutely love 'Khamoshi-The Musical' for putting Piano as a character. And SRK is good with 'Chand Taare'. And in DDLJ also, Isn't it? And lovely Madhuri Dixit in 'Bahot Pyar karte hain...' Ahh...the 'filmy' fog around piano :P [Phew....90's has got its own share of piano]
    And yeah, 'Piyu Bole' is truly out of the world.

    From oldies, I close my eyes and can tell only one song 'Dil ke jhorokhon se...'. And hey, how abt 'dost dost na raha..'? I always has this image of a piano. Two heroes. One heroine. One is singing songs of 'bewafai' LOL :D And yeah, I love 'Khwab ho tum ya' and 'Pyar deewana hota hai'. OMG you have created so many categories for piano. I bow to thee for such vast exploration of the genre.

  12. Do you follow hindi? I ask because listening to a lovely Gulzar song for Sridevi in Chandini on Vivid Bharati while driving home for lunch - it struck me - omg! all these very male lyricists who know how to woo women with such lovely songs also know how to write from her passive/recieving point of view! That seriously weirded me out. ;-)

  13. That is a nice list.

    And speaking of piano songs, for the past couple of weeks, I haven't been able to stop watching/listening to "Bachpan Ke Din Bhi" from Sujata:

  14. dustedoff, you have to do it. I want to see your interesting collection! And thanks for reminding me of Yeh nigahein - its a proper 50s-style piano song unlike Piyu bole which is more like a modern take on the 60s. I discovered another great one yesterday in Dhund - Uljhan suljhe na!

    Darshit, you're awesome! Beth and I were wondering about post-mid-90s piano songs (check the comments above) and you have a pretty comprehensive list. Yay!

    And for me too, the first piano songs that come to mind are Dil ke jharokhe mein (loooove it) and Dost dost na raha which isnt so high up on my list of favorites - RK+Mukesh is not my favorite combo and Mukesh has so many better piano songs.

    Sunil, thats a very good point. All these awesome romantic lyrics meant to woo women are all penned by men! Of course, the fact that women are brought up to view these things as "romance" means that the guys start with a distinct advantage. And yes, I follow Hindi - its my mother-tongue.

    Richard, thanks for reminding me of Bachpan ke din - there was a time when I'd play my Bandini+Sujata cassette endlessly, for days! All the songs in the two soundtracks are addictive but I tend to get stuck on Jalte hain jiske liye (it has to be the most romantic telephone song EVER!) more often.

  15. Great list, when i saw my favorite piano songs, i just knew Kati Patang had to be in there

    Here's one from the '80's with Anil Kapoor in the obligatory Rich

  16. That's a great list. I didn't realise there were so many happy piano songs, but that may be a side-effect of spending lots of time watching Dilip clips on youtube. He seems to play the piano a lot in Andaz and I rather like this one from Shaheed

  17. Thanx. :-)
    there are still some left. Like two akki's songs (Mohra and some other) one Sunny song (only tune i can remember) and few other. But i mentioned only the 'good' ones :-D

    and hey, tBF -I think there's piano in 'tu pyar hai kisi aur ka'.?
    I m not sure though.

  18. Really glad that you had the ones from KaTi Patang and Anupama. I need to familiarize myself with the others.

    And is there piano playing involved in Kishore's "Beqaraar dil tu gaye ja. . .?" from "Door Ka Rahi." I can't recall, and besides I couldn't find it on YouTube.

  19. bollywooddeewana, Kati Patang songs were fabulous and impossible to forget. Zindagi har kadam is one song that I do remember, since it used to play on TV way too much for my liking! I wonder where the rich mansion comes in, because if I remember the movie right, the mother-son are poor.

    gebruss, thats a great find - such a cute song and Kamini Kaushal looks so young! I dont remember it from the movie which has some really lovely (and popular) songs.

    Darshit, a Sunny piano song - I am certain I dont want to know about it! lol

    Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka is a sad party song in the oldies tradition but sadly, no piano.

    ana, I havent seen a lot of these films, either. I am just familiar with the songs from radio and TV. Excellent call on Bekarar dil tu gaye ja - I had never seen the video. It is indeed a piano song, though its very odd to see Ashok Kumar lip-sync to Kishore Kumar's voice (he seems more the Hemant Kumar/Manna Dey/Rafi types though Talat Mahmood suited him, too). Have you seen the film? I assume Tanuja is paired opposite Kishore even though the song makes us think she's with Dada Mani!

  20. Great list! I'm so unfamiliar with oldies. That's what I have you for. :)

    Like Darshit, I immediately thought of Khamoshi and Saajan for piano songs.

    I loooove lists. :)

  21. I too am unfamiliar with these but what a great idea for a list!:)

  22. Nicki, thanks! I had forgotten all the 90s piano songs till Darshit reminded me of them. Even Hum Tum has a small paino sequence in the Hum Tum number. Arent lists fun?!!

    Nida, thanks. I've always loved watching the piano playing hero/heroines singing away in movies. As a kid, I thought that was the correct way to play the piano and was surprised that my rhythmic finger tapping produced less than tuneful results!

  23. Here's where the rich mansion comes in, its when he is in Geeta who is his wealthy girlfriend's house

  24. bollyviewer: I may have seen "Door ka Rahi" as a kid but have no recollection of it. I may have just seen the video on Chitrahaar. I agree about Dada Mani's lip-syncing to Kishore's voice as odd. I think Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood, even Mahendra Kapoor would have suited him. I think he's sung for himself too - not a piano song though. :)

  25. bollywooddeewana, I saw the film on TV years ago, so my recollections are necessarily vague. In a Subhash Ghai masala-flick, though, I wouldnt really be surprised to see a poor family living in a piano-containing mansion!

    ana, seems like everybody except his younger brother could sing for Dada Mani! He did sing for himself too, though I really cant like his singing voice (he was apparently classically trained!) - here's an example from Achhut Kanya and a later one from Ashirwad - I'd rather see him lip-sync to a real singer!

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  27. theBollywoodFan, I am so glad you enjoyed the songs!

    Aap ke haseen rukh pe - lovely lyrics + Rafi's voice = pure magic! I remember watching the film long back and kind of liked it then, but am not sure if I'll like it now. Check-out dustedoff's review - that'll tell you whether you want to watch or not.

    Anupama is lovely - if you like soft romances done Hrishikesh Mukherjee style. And it has Dharmendra+Sharmila Tagore and Hemant Kumar's music. Its up for free viewing on Rajshri.

    That Mr. X In Bombay song is an excellent find. I dont think I've ever seen belle dancing and piano playing go together like this!

    I'd forgotten that Mann had my favorite Sharmila Tagore in the worst white wig EVER! It did have a great soundtrack though. And you were in Rhythm House in 1999?!! It was a favorite hang-out of mine in those days, though I cant remember hearing Mann songs there (I used to block out everything except oldies in those days!).

  28. Just found your blog and it is amazing. Loved this piano collection :)

    btw, in Anupama, the loving wife is anticipating the arrival of her child.. she just recently found she's pregnant.. which is why u thot she was continuing her anticipation even after her husband arrives :D

  29. Anonymous, thanks and keep visiting!

    "in Anupama, the loving wife is anticipating the arrival of her child" - how could I forget that? Clearly, a re-watch is called for!

  30. Excellent list even though you have missed a few of my favorites.

    1) Anmol Ghadi - Jawan Hain Mohabbat

    2) Brahmachari - Dil Ke Jharoke Mein

    3) Kati Patang - Pyar Deewana Hota Hain

    4) Muqaddar ka sikandar- Dil to hain dil

    5) Mukti - Suhani Chandni Raatein

    to name a few.

    - Shailesh

  31. Shailesh, thanks for pointing out Jawaan hai mohabbat - I had forgotten about it being a piano song. Its lovely. I do have the songs you put on #2 and #3 in your list - how can I have a list of piano songs without those two? Dil to hai dil didnt qualify because part way through, fantasy takes our piano player away from the piano, and I dont much care for Suhani chandni raatein inspite of Shashi being the piano player!

  32. I don't know why my attempt to post this yesterday didn't work but here goes again:

    Thank you so much for plugging Dil Ke Jharoke Mein. I have long been of the opinion that Brahmachari is an undervalued gem. Any publicity for this film is good news. Dil Ke Jharoke Mein is such a powerful song, but there are no duds in the film, and the sad version of mai.n gaauu.N tum so jaao just lacerates me every time.

    On a lighter note, my first reaction to your list was, "What?! No Yahaan Main Ajnabee Hoon? Then I watched it again and realised with much embarrassment that it is not a piano song, it's just picturised at a piano.

  33. I loooove Dil ke jharoke mein - its the first paino song that comes to mind! Is Brahmachari undervalued? I thought it was still pretty popular and a big hit of its time, as well.

    For the purposes of this list, Yahaan mein ajnabi hoon does qualify as a piano song. As long as one character strums (its hardly playing!) the piano constantly, its a piano song! But I refuse to admit this one into my favorites' list inspite of super wow Shashi and Rafi's magical voice. Any song that describes Indian-ness in such narrow and regressive terms gets a thumbs down, here!

  34. While listing Piano songs, it is difficult not to include-

    `Dost Dost na raha' by Mukesh

    from Sangam, with music composed by the `Piano-Kings' `Shankar-Jaikishan' !

    In this song, Shankar, one of the `twin-kings', has himself played Piano in tandem with their regular Pianist `Robert' !

    -Dr Senani

  35. Dr. Senani, neither Mukesh nor Raj Kapoor are big favorites of mine, individually or together. So, its not at all difficult for me to exclude Dost dost na raha from my list! Shankar Jaikishan have sooooo many other good piano songs that I like much better (as you can see from my list). But yes, along with Shammi Kapoor's Dil ke jharokhe mein, Dost dost na raha is one of the first songs to come to mind when one thinks of piano songs.

  36. Great Job! Lata's version of "Dil Chhed Koi Aisa Nagma" is a gem. Most of us probably know the Hemantda's version.

    It may be generational difference or the memories it evokes in me - the greatest bollywood piano composition got filed under "Lost and Found" ( - :. The movie was the worst disaster ever, it was pulled off on the very 1st day.

    I wish you had better justice to one of the most romantic songs in describing it.

  37. great post, great list.
    I always find it simply hilarious, that the song may or may not have piano accompaniment, but that doesn't dither the director to place our hero or heroine at the piano.
    More fun than that is the way this protagonists deal with the pinao keys. My absolute favorite in this matter is Ajit in Tower House song: "Main khush naseeb hu". Itlooks as if he is kneading the keys like a chappati dough.

    One of my fav piano song is: Geet gata hu main from Laal Pathar.

    I also like "Kahin din se hai dil bechhal" from Dulhan ek raat ki

  38. Anonymous, I think the Jeet hi lenge baazi number is pretty romantic, myself (if that is the song you are referring to) - and I DO love it! But the song is used to re-unite lost childhood friends, in the film - thats why it gets classed as "lost-and-found".

    harvey, I love Geet gaata hoon main, too. Cant say the same about the film, though! :-)

    "the song may or may not have piano accompaniment, but that doesn't dither the director to place our hero or heroine at the piano."

    I must admit that for someone like me, its impossible to figure out whether there is a piano hidden within the orchestra or not. Besides anyone playing a piano automatically looks so much more elegant and accomplished that a hero/heroine really has to play it!

  39. "Besides anyone playing a piano automatically looks so much more elegant and accomplished that a hero/heroine really has to play it!"

    That is true! That is why I had long nurtured the ambition to learn to play the piano. Now I'll have to learn to look elegant and accomplished without a piano.
    Isn't Jeet jayenge hum from Meri Jung a piano song as well?

    May I suggest the group 'kneading the keys'-piano songs? ;-)

  40. harvey, it was always my dream to learn piano too, and for exactly the same reason! :-D

    "kneading the keys" piano - wouldnt that be EVERY piano song in Bollywood? ;-)

    And yes, Jeet jaayenge hum is also a piano song - I'll have to add the category "screechy piano" to accommodate that one, though!

  41. Many thanks for your page, it's a valuable resource. I'm a professional pianist with an extensive bollywood repertoire Please visit me at (feel free to email me, my address is just below my avatar pic). Also, enjoy my version of an old Rafi song 'Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe'

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  42. PS....CORRECTION: my email address is ABOVE my photo, top left hand corner.


  43. Imani, glad to be of help! Just checked out your site and loved your piano rendition of Tumhi dekho na. Now if only your piano playing could conjure up a whole orchestra as well - you'd be ready to play in a Bollywood drawing room and bring pianos back into filmi fashion, again! ;-)

  44. REdiscovered a hauntigly beautiful piano song with real piano accompaniment, though you won't really won't associate it with a piano.
    Tum apna ranj-o-gam apni pareshani mujhe de do.
    it is on you tube.
    wish though khaiyyam had conducted it a lil bit slowly and had taken nuanced singer to sing it.

  45. Tum apna ranj-o-gham is a lovely song. I always thought that it was sung by Mubarak Begum, but a look at youtube shows that it was sung by Jagjit Kaur! So, of course, I had to go check out Mubarak Begum's voice to confirm (she sounds totally different from Jagjit Kaur - cant believe I never realised that before) and stumbled across Kabhi tanhaaiyon mein yun hamari yaad aayegi. Another lovely song - one that I have only heard before. There is Tanuja threatening lightening bolts and some unknown (to me) actor hiding his face. Do you know anything about the film?

  46. Greetings Bollyviewer...apologies for my belated reply. Thank you for checking out my page and thanks for your useful feedback.
    Conjuring up an orchestra sounds an interesting proposition.

    Best wishes.


  47. Imani, conjuring up an orchestra is a pre-requisite for Bolly-music. Do please work on it! ;-)

  48. Great compilation. Another mesmerising piano song you might love to watch is 'Chalo Ik baar phir se' from 'Gumrah'. Simply awesome.

  49. Thanks, Shilpi. I LOVE Chalo ek baar phir se - the lyrics are beautiful.

  50. It was sheerly by accident that I came across your blog on bollywood piano songs. I was actually searching for piano songs composed by OP Nayyar and ran a google search and it led me to your blog.

    First accept my hearty cudos for your blog. Wish I had seen it earlier.

    I would like to mention a few songs which do not appear in your list.

    1. Poochho na hamein ham un ke liye kyaa kyaa nazaraanee laaye hain - From film Sone Ki Chidiyaa.

    2. Main dil hun ik armaan bharaa - From film Anhoni

    3. Kisi Patthar Ki Moorat Se Mohobbat Kaa Iraadaa Hain - From film Humraaz

    4. Tum Agar Saath Dene Kaa Vaadaa Karo - From film Humraaz

    5. Bhari duniyaa mein aakhir dil ko samazaane kahaan jaaye - From film Do Badan


  51. Thank you, Mukund! I love the songs you've listed. I particularly like Main dil hoon ek armaan bhara - it is lovely. I never realised it was filmed on Raj Kapoor! Tum agar saath dene ka waada karo is not a piano song though. I don't hear a piano in the music and there is none onscreen, either. And I wish I could find the video for the beautiful Poochho na humen hum unke liye which according to youtube is from Mitti Main Sona not Sone Ki Chidiya.

  52. Here is the link for "Poochho na hamein"

    You are right about "tum agar saath dene kaa" song not being a piano song.

    How about these songs:

    Dil ki aawaaz bhi sun - from Humsaayaa
    Meri Neendon mein tum - from Naya Andaz
    Tod Diyaa dil meraa - From Andaaz

    By the way, I am a diehard music buff of songs from golden era of Hindi film music. Have about 1500 mp3 songs stored on computer. Also lyrics of nearly 8000 songs.
    Would like to be of help should you need any.


  53. You've mentioned two of my favorite songs, Mukund! I love Dil ki awaaz bhi sun to bits, and Meri neendon mein tum comes a close second.

    Thanks for the link to Poochho na humen hum unke liye. I was looking for the video from the film, though, not a youtube video with only the original audio! I am curious to see who gets to lip-sync to the song and what the picturisation looks like.

  54. Hello !!

    Mitti Mein Sona was released in 1960. It had Pradeep Kumar and Mala Sinha in lead roles. So it means the song "Poochho na hamein" was picturised on Mala Sinha.

    The film has a rare combination of Raja Mehendi Ali Khan and OP Nayyar.


    p.s. I will try to upload the video of this song on my facebook account. I organise live music shows and have been lucky to have had close association with Mr.OP Nayyar. I have the video and will upload it soonest possible.

  55. Thanks so much for that info, Mukund. I'd love to see the video of the song.

    You organise music shows with old songs?! I'd love to see one of those!:D Lucky you, knowing OP Nayyar. He's composed some lovely songs!

  56. Your profile says you are presently in Alberta, Canada. I am seriously considering holding a chain of shows in America and Canada. It will, however, depend on how the logistics work out. Otherwise you will have to come all the way to Pune, India to attend one of my shows. May be you could help me for my proposed tour by providing local information of big cities in Canada and USA. In that case we can communicate through emails. My email id is

    All my shows are based on themes of old songs from the 1948-1975 era.

    I know I am very lucky to have known and be associated with Mr.OP Nayyar. I am also lucky to have good rapport with oldtime stalwarts like Mr.Ravi, Mr.Anandji, Mr.Pyarelal and Mr.Omi. Naushaadsaab, Gulshan Bawra and Manohari Singh whom I used to know well are no more.

    With warm regards,


  57. Mukund, you certainly know/knew all the right music directors! I will happily provide all the local information I have about Calgary, should you ever need it. You can email me at bollyviewer_at_gmail_dot_com, and let me know if I can help you.

  58. aaaj ki raat .. dil ki salaami le ley ... Dilip Kumar

  59. Sanjeet, Aaj ki raat mere dil ki salaami lele is a lovely piano song.

  60. 'bhari duniya me aakhir dil ko' from movie 'do badan' is also a remarkable piano song.

  61. It is a royal instrument. No comparison with the "electronic key boards" of today. I wish it remains and makes a grand comeback in Indian Hindi films

  62. Chehre pe khushi chha jaati hai is my fvrt in this list.