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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A year of blogging – a journey down memory lane

Exactly one year ago, today, I published my first blog post. Yes, Old is Gold is a year old today! I think the occasion calls for a story - the story of a film-buff’s journey in the blogging world.
Once upon a time, long ago (just 18 months in calendar years but centuries in terms of experience), there lived a bollyviewer who was completely ignorant of blogs and blog-writing. Yes doston, I am talking about ME! While still in this world of ignorance, I decided to look for old movies online. My search for old Shashi Kapoor films kept turning up one blog so often that I gave in and read it. And stayed to read, and read, and read…
Yes, it was the excellent Beth Loves Bollywood, whose love of Bollywood is legendary and finds expression in very thoughtful, well-written and very, very enjoyable film critiques. I read Beth’s reviews and was hooked on reading blogs! When I wasnt cracking up at her playful musings, Beth made me think hard, with her insightful commentaries.

From Beth’s blog, I discovered The Post Punk Cinema Club. “Their” thought-provoking and irreverently humorous film reviews and projects had me chuckling, and waiting for more! I’ve learnt about world cinema from “them” and continue to have a lot of fun doing so!
My next discovery was Memsaab Story – my personal filmi heaven! Memsaab not only loves old Hindi movies more than I do, she’s a walking encyclopedia of Bollywood trivia (especially of the vintage Bollywood variety) and I cant wait for her to review “new” oldies!
Carla’s Filmi Geek was another delightful discovery in blogland. Her thoughtful and beautifully written film reviews of Hindi movies, both old and new, had me wanting to revisit old favorites and watch some new ones, too!
Apni East India Company How can one resist a name like that? But that isnt all. Shweta’s East India Company brings you the most exotic of old and new movies, and her hilarious commentaries will even tempt you to watch really, REALLY, bad movies!
All these awesome blogs had me hooked on to reading and commenting on filmi-topics. From there, the next step - writing my own filmi-blog - was inevitable. So, bhaaiyon aur behno, thats how OiG came into exisetence. But that was just the beginning, not THE END. In the past year, I’ve discovered so many other great blogs.
Dusted Off – Cinema the way used to be - This lovely blog really does chronicle cinema the way it used to be – both Hollywood and Bollywood style. And the icing on the cake is Dustedoff’s superb taste in hunks! Its my favorite place to hang-out online, whenever I need a dose of some nice oldies. :-D
Banno, Dhanno and Teja - a filmi blog by a real-life film maker. Needles to say, the reviews, the art, and the writing are all superb and I learn new things everytime I visit!
Paisa Vasool (Or Not) – Ajnabi not only writes the most delightful film reviews, she also writes film-scripts. Yes really! Check out her latest release - its totally paisa vasool.
Antarra’s Ramblings – She doesnt post often (not as often as I’d like!) but her reviews are worth the wait. She has a way with story-telling and her captions for the screencaps are hilarious. Check her Aadmi post for an excellent example of how even Dilip Kumar in full-blown tragedian mode can raise a few laughs!
Filmi-Girl Falling for Bollywood! – With her around, we dont need Filmfare or Stardust to keep abreast of the latest in Bollywood! :-D I also love her awesome podcasts on filmi-music and her fun reviews.
Roti Kapda Aur Rum – the founder of Masala Pradesh has done years worth of research in her very young life. Rum’s fun blog is the last stop for any masala query, the Ask Jeeves for Bollywood-masala. From facial hair, to blobbiness, BollyHollyMusicalitis to Anil indoctrination – if its masala, Rum HAS IT!
theBollywoodFan wears many hats – Lagaan ambassador in North America, translator extraordinaire, music lover and [my favorite, this] a lover of Hindi oldies! I love reading his refreshing views on my favorite vintage movies and good new ones.
Bitten By Bollywood – Nida really has been bitten by the Bollywood bug and the result is a blog full of delightful, well-written and beautifully illustrated film reviews. I love reading her thoughtful insights, peppered with her fun comments, on movies old and new.
Dances On The Foot Path – I’ve spent many delightful hours on Richard’s blog, getting acquainted with lovely old songs from 40s-60s, and getting re-acquainted with some forgotten favorites. He has a knack for digging up the best and (sometimes) obscure songs and dance numbers from the B/W era, and I’ve learnt a lot about dancer-actresses (especially Padmini and Kamala) from his great blog.
Hmong Chick Who Loves Indian Cinema – Nicki’s colorful and marvelously illustrated (there are sooooo many beautiful screencaps) blog brings the 80s to the blogging world – and this time round, it even sounds like fun! And did I mention that this blog’s other name should be Eye-Candy Central? :-D
So the journey continues… with discovery of more great blogs, more filmi-writing and lots more filmi-discussions yet to come. Its been a great filmi-fun filled year and also a big learning experience. I’ve begun to notice set-designs and costumes in movies. I’ve even started taking notice of extras/actors in tiny parts (I can recognise some faces in back-up dancers from the 60s!) – all thanks to you fellow-bloggers! And I’ve had fun discussing films with all you film-buffs (bloggers as well as non-blogging commenters).
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on OiG. Here’s to more filmi-fun in the coming year!


  1. Congrats!! Great list you have made of such gr8 blogs. I haven't read some of them. Good, now I have more to read :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    Awesome post on how you got started and listing other great blogs too.

    Thanks for the shout-out. Yes, you are right, I have to change the blog name to Eye Candy Central.

    I think my one-year anniversary is coming up too. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Old is Gold, i love coming here and i do enjoy reading your reviews, keep up the good work

  4. Vah vah!!! And also awwwwww! I have had a rough week and you have cheered me up greatly. Even if we didn't share Shashi pyaar, I would spend hours on this site for the gem films, hilarious warnings of duds, and the screen caps that make me wish for a Polaroid camera that automatically put up funny captions on pictures of my life!


  5. Happy Birthday to Old is Gold! I can believe its been a year already- and yet, it feels as if i've "known" u forever, and have always been reading ur blog :) Here's to more and more filmi fun! or as they'd say in the 70s "hip hip hurray" :D

  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations. And hopefully many, many returns of the day. Your blog has made my day on more than one occasion; I especially love your captions.

  7. Bollyviewer may you stick around for many more years of film watching and review writing and eye candy posting :)

  8. You rock, bollyviewer! Happy birthday, and thank you for brightening up my daily dose of surfing! Old is Gold is one of the first blogs I check as soon as I'm online - and am always a little disappointed when I find you haven't posted anything ;-)

    And thank you, too, for the little pat on the back. High five!!

  9. Bollyviewer, thank you for all the kind words!

    And I can relate very much to that line about "just 18 months in calendar years but centuries in terms of experience." During the past 18 months or so, I feel as though I've also gained centuries' worth of experience in this area.

    I think I've been looking at your blog since its beginning or close to it - and wow, has it been only a year? I mean that in only the best way, hoping there will be many more full years ahead.

  10. Congratulation......carry on...we want silver jubilee.

  11. Oh, wow, I had no idea you started your blog just a week or two before I started mine--you have such an assured "voice!" :-D Thanks so much for the link, and may you have many more happy years of bollyviewing and -blogging!

  12. Happy one year anniversary, bollyviewer! You rock!!! Thank you for making the blog world a bit more beautiful. :) All the best!

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  14. Everyone, thanks a lot for the good wishes! And thanks also for brightening up my days with your fun blog-posts and comments. When I began this blog, I had no idea just how completely blogging would take over my life, how much I would enjoy it and how many great people I'd get to meet virtually (soon, in person too, I hope!). :-) I am looking forward to more such blogging fun in the coming years!

  15. Congratulations. I have only recently come across your blog via memsaab story. I have enjoyed reading some of your reviews and have also posted comments.

    I think Blogging requires a lot of hard work and time and a life time of passion for hindi films. All the bloggers including yourself are doing a great job. Keep it up.

    Many more happy returns of the day. Some body has said they want a silver jubilee - i will add "Golden Jubilee" pls

    cheers - a blog reader

  16. Anonymous, thanks! As much fun as it is, blogging about movies with screencaps does take up a LOT of time.

  17. Thank you for the kind words, Bollyviewer!:) Can't wait to get my hands on some of the oldies you love!

  18. Congrats! I've just come across your blog, and have only been blogging Bollywood myself for the past 2 months (though my love for the industry goes back further than that). It truly is amazing to see the number of intelligent and well versed blogs that are out there. I am making my way down everyone's blog rolls, which seem to include the same people on each blog - like a nice little Bollywood family! I'll have to make sure to come back and visit often!

  19. Thanks, Shell. There are a large number of great Bollywood Blogs (and bloggers) in blogland and it makes complete sense that all blogs "know" each other - like a Bollywood film where everybody is related to everybody else!