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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bollywood, its payback time!

Work and Mr. Darcy have been keeping me busy for the past few days. Yes MR. DARCY, Elizabeth Bennet’s Mr Darcy. You wont believe the things he gets up to when he isnt silently mooning over or proposing to Elizabeth. He gets acquainted with women of dubious morals, consorts with spies, gets drunk, fences, and even boxes! You cant imagine how eventful his life is, and just how much of my time its taken to catch-up with it – not unless you’ve read Pamela Aidan’s Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series. I’ve just finished the last one in the series – These Three Remain – and cant wait to read the earlier two titles!
Back to filmi-fun - I have come across an interesting case of copyright violation that I’d like to share with you:

Gullermo del Toro reminded Desi-Hellboy of how often Bollywood has “borrowed” from Hollywood, and told him that it was payback time!
Do any of you know who Desi-Hellboy is? Bonus points for guessing the name of the movie as well!
Edited later in the day: Filmi Girl and AJ correctly identified Desi Hellboy as writer/director/producer/actor O P Ralhan and the film as Hulchul. Its an interesting thriller full of some very good looking people - young Prem Chopra, very young and very dashing Kabir Bedi, Padma Khanna in some great costumes and Helen looking lovely as always. It would have been a great movie if only Ralhan hadnt given in to the temptation to cast himself in a major role (in the worst wig EVER!). Check out Filmi Girl’s fun review for plot details and some great screencaps.


  1. OMG ! This is absolute discovery. Gosh :D Funny comic strip. Love it. But more interested in - What happened next?

    Cant. Just cant recognise movie/actor.

  2. Hee hee!

    That's Mr. O.P. Ralhan in the movie Hulchul! (Great film, BTW...)

  3. O.P Ralhan is the desi Hellboy !!!!

    A guess- film is Hulchul.

  4. Filmi Girl and AJ, you are both absolutely right! It is O P Ralhan and the film is Hulchul. :-)

    Darshit, O P Ralhan wasnt a famous actor. He was more of a film-maker with a propensity to act in his own films and hog too much of the screen time (in Hulchul at least!). As to what happened next - well Ralhan landed up in court with some surprising results! ;-D

  5. Hehehe, you're brilliant, bollyviewer. I do like O P Ralhan a lot, and Hulchul is a scream (will we read a review soon?) :-)

  6. dustedoff, thanks! I havent finished watching Hulchul yet. Ralhan's wig and his "comedy" keep getting in the way of my enjoyment. It doesnt help that I remember the end from seeing it years ago! Maybe I'll skip to the parts where Kabir Bedi stalks around looking impossibly menacing and sexy! lol

  7. I love Hulchul, but the DVD won't play in my screencaps so no review :( Hope you write one!

    v.v. funny post :-)

  8. memsaab, thanks!

    I've managed to mess up my laptop DVD player (that'll teach me not meddle with computers). I can only screencap movies on my hard-drive at the moment. So, no Hulchul for a while....

  9. I like Desi-Hellboy more. What to do?

    O P Ralhan was wierd, and I loved him in all his avatars.

  10. Though watching him is an eye-scarring experience, I prefer Desi-Hellboy, too! He has HELEN with him!!! :-)

  11. I'm glad you're enjoying Pamela Aidan's books on Darcy... they've been in my Amazon basket for ages... perhaps I should just take the plunge...

  12. You should, Daddy's Girl. I havent got my hands on all of them yet, but the one I read was a very absorbing read. As an Austen fan who hasnt liked any of the screen versions of Pride And Prejudice (they all have some deviations from the plot, or either Elizabeth or Darcy arent quite good enough!), I was prepared to dislike this too. But I was intrigued by the idea of getting Darcy's story, since the whole book was told from Elizabeth's perspective. And this one did a pretty good job, though it did stray a bit into "Regency Romance" category.