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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secret Santa gift #4 – the collage of hotness

With every gift turning out better than the last, you must excuse me if I run out of expletives to describe the kind of goodness my Santa brings forth!
This time its a collage that embodies the kind of hotness that Old is Gold truly appreciates (in a most dryly academic way, of course!).
All Shashi and no Vinod makes Bollyviewer a dull girl...and we can't have that!
No we cant! Santa, I knew I could depend upon you to chase the willies away. And you’ve chosen the best man for the job. I wonder… will his hotness melt the Canadian snow? Let me investigate. In the meantime, go ahead and feast your eyes on the picture that is worth a million times more than a thousand words!

Vinod Khanna collage


  1. Funny, that is exactly how I like my dryly academic.

  2. Truly truly beautiful [wild wild applause] pix Bollyviewer!

  3. Anarchivist, we intellectuals have such beautiful tastes, dont we? ;-)

    Shweta, the applause all goes to my lovely Secret Santa who took the trouble to collect these pictures and use them to such good effect! :-D

  4. Lovely! Such a hawt collage--it should be a bookmark! I'd love to have the hottie smirk at me from the pages of my latest read. :-)

  5. You are a very fortunate young woman, and your Secret Santa is worth her (his?!) weight in gold!

    How can anyone forget the hotness that once was Vinod Khanna when it comes to the masala of the 70's and 80's? ;-)

  6. Handsome VK pics makes my day all the time. Thanks for these fab pics.

    For some strange reason, I keep remembering one of his movies I had seen yrs ago - "Insaaf" with Dimple - he was a police inspector and Dimple was a doctor in the movie. Have u seen this movie? reviewed it?

  7. ajnabi, Vinod shall make it to my banners soon. So you will be able to feast your eyes on his hot goodness to your heart's content. :-)

    Naveeda, indeed my Secret Santa (Beth of Beth Loves Bollywood) is worth her weight in gold and more!

    memsaab, my thoughts, exactly! :-D

    Filmbuff, I havent seen any of the films he made after his return from exile (he retreated to Osho-ashram in '79). Was Insaaf good?

  8. BV: I so totally guessed it was Beth, and I'm not even familiar with her blog, :D Perhaps I can be a jasoos after all!!! *sings "do jasoos kare mehsoos ke duniya badi kharaab hai"*

  9. hahaha... Naveeda, I bet you would make a great jasoos but not of the "aathvi-pass" variety, surely.