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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Secret Santa gift #3: a fan-tastic puzzle

It doesnt get any better than this! My Secret Santa sent me a Shashi puzzle:
Shashi puzzle
Though the answers were included, I had to sit down and solve the puzzle myself. And here is the answer:

Shashi puzzle solution
Awww… Now thats an immortal line that Shashi should have spoken! And Santa KNOWS it! :-) Santa, you are made of awesome.
I cant wait for the unmasking, so I can thank my favorite Santa personally.


  1. I'm sure he said that somewhere!

  2. That is such an awesome gift! How creative!

  3. Yeah, very creative. Ur Santa is awesome!!!

  4. Maas are a dime a dozen compared to Bollyviewers.

  5. That is totally made of awesome.


  6. harvey, if he hasnt, he'll just have to, now!

    Daddy's Girl, it IS. And it must have taken a lot of time and effort, too!

    sunheriyaadein, I really struck it lucky with my Santa. :-)

    shell, Filmbuff, :-) :-)

    Anarchivist, thank you!

    memsaab, I know. I was jumping with glee when I saw it. :-)

  7. fantastic - i loved this secret santa. some very creative minds amongst us

  8. San, thats particularly true of my secret Santa (Beth of Beth Loves Bollywood).