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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa gifts digest: the awesome videos edition

The last few days have been so fraught with activities that I havent been able to keep up with Santa’s goodies. Here are all the awesome gifts I’ve received in the last few days.
First, we joined Vinod and Neetu. The two were, unsuccessfully, trying to find some privacy for their honeymoon. The jungle just wouldnt leave them alone!
“Nothing says “happy holidays” like and oddly-attired wedding!”
Vinod and Neetu are so delighted that you can join the bunnies and tigers on their special day!
Not as delighted as I am to see them, Santa!

Or if that was not to your taste…
How about Sridevi in aluminum foil dancing with vampire-lookalikes?
Yup, long before Bella moved to the dangerous town of Forks in Washington, Sridevi was hanging out with vampires! And she had the right costumes, as well as the right voice (Usha Uthup), for it. Santa you clearly watch the right movies. You and I need to plan a watchalong, soon!
And then, a Disco station for my Holiday travel plans:
For your winter break holiday plans… Book a ticket here!
And hope your seat is next to Rishi.
I’ll settle for Shotgun, as long as I am ot expected to wear Reena’s dress!
Then there was more Vinod Khanna…
The only good thing about this one is Vinod in head-to-toe black leather. But that's pretty good, na?
So true, Santa, so VERY TRUE!
The goodies came thick and fast, after this. Santa managed to capture Shashi and me in a rare Olympic routine. Nope, its a very private moment and I will not share it with public! ;-) What I will share though, is an unusual item number.
Why havent we seen this item number before?

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Well Santa, you werent here to unearth these gems, before. Thats why!
Then, Santa was generous enough to interpret (and subtitle) a scene from Shashi-Neetu’s home videos:
<a href="">Illustrateur mode et enfants Graphéine</a>
Thank you Santa, thats EXACTLY what I think Shashi and Neetu should do – ditch Deewar and go work in an interesting movie, instead!
And finally, the sad story of my romance (or lack of it, rather) with Big B – he realises his limitations and leaves me to the man in possession of “THE VOICE” and the other man who has “TIGHT WHITE TROUSERS”. (I’m not able to embed it here, but you can check it out on Bombay TV2 online.)
A BIG THANK YOU to my favorite Santa. Thanks for being so creative, for crafting such lovely gifts, and for making my day everyday, with your perfect gifts!


  1. Nakabhandi - ha that song was hilarious!

  2. It brings back childhood memories! Though I dont remember seeing the video - just heard the song on radio pretty often back then.