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Friday, January 8, 2010

My New Year resolutions

I am not usually inclined to make resolutions, but always make an exception for New Year’s day. Its a day that comes around only once a year and one must do something to make it special. So, while I sipped my Tequila Sour and tried to tune out the loud Spanish music in the restaurant, I resolved to do certain things this year:
1. Sing at least one Rafi and one Asha Bhosle song per day, even though my neighbours complain of noise pollution and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Golden Oldies bays for my blood.
2. Include more bell-bottoms, loud prints and big-sunglasses in my wardrobe (I already did that, but then Govinda stole my wardrobe. So now, I have to start all over again!).

3. Try to curl my hair like Hedy Lamarr’s and not give up trying, even if it makes her want to pull her own hair.
4. Curb my DVD buying sprees, so my bank balance and my shelves can, both, breathe easy for a while.
5. Have a more fabulous dream-sequence than the King Khan himself can contrive – a dream sequence that naturally features Shashi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Kabir Bedi, and other such err… men of substance.
And the final and most important resolution of all:
6.Try to REMEMBER my resolutions for at least a week after the effect of Tequila Sour and my Mexican vacation have worn off.
Anything else that I actually have a chance of achieving, I’ll save for my *to-do* list.
Happy New Year 2010, all of you!!!!


  1. Lol, Happy New Year to you bollyviewer I'm soo with you on your No.4 resolution, it's a bad habit of mine that needs to be checked. I'm trying to make sure i watch all the ones i have before buying anymore dvds, i hope i'll stay motivated to keep that resolution

  2. Agreed! I think I need a support group. Unfortunately, I'm sure it would devolve into "Ooh, I haven't seen that yet!" and I'd just end up buying everybody else's latest purchases. :)

  3. I think an international lending library can come to the rescue of #4! And as for #2, I could not agree more, and let's plan a shopping day pronto.

  4. A very Happy New Year to you, bollyviewer! Love those resolutions, especially #1...I hope you videotape the song-singing sessions and put them on You Tube.


  5. Heh :-D

    Happy new year, bollyviewer! My resolution for the year, as far as cinema-watching goes, is to fit in a lot more international cinema into my schedule. Needless to say, old international cinema, esp. Kurosawa.

    ...And to find (and procure) some good old Hindi film posters. I'm saving up for that, and plan to go scrounging as soon as I'm back in Delhi!

  6. bollywooddeewana, I think my pile of unwatched DVDs is almost as big as the the pile of watched ones, and I still cant stop buying more!

    anarchivist, I think we need a "DVD Addicts" support group that is willing to share DVD resources. I think that would check my buying sprees - like the public library has checked my book-buying sprees so far!

    Beth, I just acquired a pair of ginormous sun-glasses and one bright floral-print top. For the rest, lets ask Neetu to come shopping with us!

    Shalini, youtube might ban me for intolerable cruelty to lovely old songs, if I ever put up examples of my "singing"!

    dustedoff, are you off on your book tour, again?

    Have you ever tried looking for old film magazines in Delhi? Yessterday I saw a 1971 issue of Star & Style up for sale for US$120! Next time I come to Delhi I will try to hunt for some of those magazines, sell them on ebay for a fortune, and become rich! ;-)

  7. No, I'm not on book tour - just on a writers' residency in Pondicherry. Will go back to Delhi on February 1.

    I've been meaning to look for old film magazines in the Daryaganj book bazaar: that's one place they just might be available. If I'm so lucky as to get some, - yippee! Wealth, here I come :-))

  8. Happy New Year Bollyviewer. I think a lof of us are in the same boat = pile of tbw DVDs plus the buying spree. I too want to get some more old hindi movies on my next visit to India!

    Gosh we can indeed become millionaires by buying old film mags from the raddiwala or even the channa wala!

  9. dustedoff, Daryaganj it is! I was thinking that Nayi Sadak might have some useful old-books stores, but its so long since I went looking for old books in Delhi that I am not sure where to look anymore! Next time I come to Delhi, you and I can join forces for our magazine-hunt. :-)

    Filmbuff, DVD-hunting when in India is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. What if you want those DVDs when you are not in India? You'd land up paying a small fortune in shipping! A raddiwaala would be an excellent place to start looking, though I have a feeling that most old film magazines have been used up to serve nuts and roasted chana long ago!

  10. "Next time I come to Delhi, you and I can join forces for our magazine-hunt. :-)"


  11. Happy New Year! And re: #6, I think the solution is to have a constant supply of Tequila Sour on hand, if not through 2010, at least for all of the cruel, cruel winter.

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  13. Happy New Year to you too!!! That was a great list of resolutions :-)
    I guess we all suffer from the same problem of buying more and more dvds when we already have a huge pile of unwatched movies.
    I really like #1. I've been trying to follow that as well. Listen to or sing or sing along at least one Rafi number everyday

  14. dustedoff - we'll have a blast! :-)

    Niranjana, thats an excellent suggestion. Will stock up on tequila and lemonade, now! (I knew I should have bought some tequila in Mexico...)

    123 123/Joan Stepson, I am glad you liked reading about my New Year resolutions. If you really want to read more about that theme, though, you will have to stick around till next New Year!

    sunheriyaadein, making resolutions doesnt cost a dime. Sticking to them, thats a completely different matter altogether! Still, acknowledging that we have a problem is the first step towards solving it. ;-)

    "Listen to or sing or sing along at least one Rafi number everyday" - Thats the best way to brighten up a day!