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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A beauty pageant for OiG’s second birthday!

Cake for second birthday Yes, Old is Gold is exactly two years old, today. I’ve had so much fun in blogland that in the last two years, time just flew past! While the first year was the Year of Discovery (of all the great film-lovers and writers), the last year has been the Year of Fun! I’ve had a ball, discussing movies with all of you who stop by here, and at all my favorite blogs. The highlight of last year was getting to know all of you and meeting some of my favorite bloggers in person. Bolly-blogging zindaabad!!!

An occasion like this calls for a celebration of some sort. Cakes and champagne are so passé. No, I want a party, a BIG one, with lots of beautiful people. How about a beauty pageant? That would be fun, and there would be a parade of beautiful people. Its come to OiG’s attention that there are shocking gender inequalities in the eye-candy department. An injustice that we female bloggers have been doing our best to redress. But its not enough! For true gender equality, male beauty MUST be celebrated more openly, and men MUST be given more credit for their unsung contribution to eye-candy. A beauty pageant for beautiful actors - that is the obvious place to start. So lets have a beauty pageant that rewards beauty and brawn, instead of beauty and brains.

Since this is Old is Gold, we will naturally look to actors of yore. And since the 70s had the biggest compliment of hunks, thats where we'll focus our attention. The panel of judges for this competition is ALL OF YOU! I’ve listed the candidates in my order of preference, and the poll in the right sidebar allows you to pick your own Mr. Bollywood! So lets see who is walking the ramp tonight:

10. Parikshit Sahni:
Though its his Dad (Balraj Sahni) who makes it to my favorites list more often, there is no denying that its the son who is way more handsome. With his sculpted features and strong bone structure, I’d say this face deserves the perfect 10 - before the 70s long-hair and food-n-drink caught up with him in the mid-70s, that is.

9. Rishi Kapoor:
Not the typical candidate in the hunk-stakes – too baby-faced and almost girlishly pretty. But just watch him in action in a 70s film (or an early 80s one) – he smiles and you want to smile back, he dances (way more gracefully than any of his contemporaries or predecessors) and you want to jump up too! Plus, can any other actor carry off spangles and frills (or any other apparel) with more élan? The answer is a resounding NO!

8. Vijay Arora:
When we talk of the big stars of the 70s, his name does not crop-up. His biggest claim to fame is Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973) – a film that is more famous for Zeenat Aman and Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko. And I wonder why… He was so good looking in a clean-cut, preppy way and had a very charming smile, too.

7. Rajesh Khanna:
Before the 70s craze for long hair went to his head, and stayed there for us to see, he was one very good looking actor. His best-looking period? Before 1972! Yes, that is a very narrow window of handsomeness, but he was an even bigger hit with women than Hrithik Roshan. Ergo, one cannot neglect his contribution in the eye-candy field.

6. Sanjay Khan:
Not the best of actors, but certainly one of the best looking actors in the 70s. Best expressions? The good-looking earnest look and the rakish smile.

5. Naveen Nischol:
He always reminds me of a Mills&Boon hero – the quintessential tall-dark-and-handsome man in business suits. He combines that with a boyish smile and a gravitas that makes for a very attractive package, indeed.

4. Dharmendra:
Jaya Bhaduri called him a “Greek God” and Saira Banu thought he looked Italian. AND he is the only Bollywood star who has an entire film dedicated to worshipping at his shrine. Need I say anymore? He may be Jat yamla pagla deewana (crazy Punjabi), but he is also one gorgeous hunk, with to-die-for legs.

3. Vinod Khanna:
What does one say about his hunkiness? Good looks? Check. Great figure? Check. Swashbuckling style? Check. Tall-dark-n-handsome rating? 10 on a scale of 0 to 5. This collage, compiled by friend and blogger-extraordinaire Beth, says it all

2. Shashi Kapoor:
Strictly speaking – he’s not in the same hunk category as Vinod Khanna, or contestant #1, Kabir Bedi. But he’s so very handsome, with that perfect profile and chiseled features. And he has the rare ability to look debonair in brightly patterned shirts and fluorescent scarves! Quite the classical beauty, in fact. Of course, all this fades from your mind when he brings on that crooked, dimpled smile of his. Oh! before your smile makes me forget, Shashi, I hope you mean to skip the swim-suit round.

1. Kabir Bedi:
This man has it all. He doesn't stop at mere good looks, he sizzles with sex-appeal. What more does one need to know? That he makes the hirsute look heavenly? That he grew better with age? That none of his competitors stand a chance when he enters the swim suit round? Its too bad that there are more controversies than movies around from his golden days…

Now that you’ve met all the contestants, bring your voting hat out. Get cracking and support your favourite. Let the best man win!

Edited April 30, 2010:
The votes are in!
  • Shashi Kapoor: 19%
  • Dharmendra: 18%
  • Vinod Khanna: 18%
  • Kabir Bedi: 11%
  • Rishi Kapoor: 9%
  • Rajesh Khanna: 9%
  • Naven Nischol: 6%
  • Sanjay Khan: 5%
  • Parikshit Sahni: 5%
(I forgot to add Vijay Arora to the poll!)


  1. Oooi! OiG is Two !! Happy Birthday.

    Are boys allowed to vote here?
    My vote goes to Kabir Bedi ofcourse. Sexiest man that time. Vinod is good but.. eww.. that picture with all hair is scary :P

  2. Haha! Kabir Bedi was pretty hairy himself, you know. But yes, "sexiest man" is certainly KB's property. Dont forget to vote for him in the poll!

    Thanks so much for the wishes.

  3. Happy birthday Bollyviewer its always amazing coming here, wishing you many more happy blogging years to come Hip! Hip! Hooray!!

    Lol Bollviewer, I couldn't agree with you anymore on Kabir Bedi, what a hottie, and he fills up his speedo's rather nicely shall we say, but we can't be so sure if his competitors don't stand a chance, ahem! can we?

  4. Ooooh happy birthday! Hahah I voted in the poll...but it was not for KB...had to give my man Hot Papa Khanna some love!

  5. Congrats!
    All the best for the future. Of course, I have not voted (I think) since I don't see the faces of Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar et al. LOL..

  6. Happy birthday, my dear! I cannot believe I have only known you for two years (maybe even less) - but of course being long-lost masala sisters with someone will make your heart ache for the lifetime of separation. :)

    Even I had to vote for Vinod. Shashi just does not have brawn (which is absolutely fine by me). Plus, as clever Ness says, once you realize how very right the idea of "hot papa Khanna" and how very, very wrong "hot papa Kapoor" sounds (and if someone did dare say that, they would have to be talking about Prithvi in his prime), there is just no contest.

  7. If it's No.1, then it is Garam Dharam, for me, any day, any time.

  8. Two years already! Congratulations :).

    The beauty contest...hmm...I think Dharmendra wins hands down!

  9. Happy birthday to OIG, Bollyviewer! I love the idea of your poll, but I'm spectacularly unqualified to vote on male beauty. I mean, I often wonder how women can find any man to be attractive (OK, even I recognize a few exceptions, but still).

    I've never let a lack of understanding stop me from voting before, though, and so I think I'm going to check off the box next to Vinod Khanna. As he grew older he acquired a sort of world-weary je ne sais quoi that my partner (who is my consultant on these matters) says is devastating. Who am I to argue?


    Happy birthday! :-)

    And what an innovative (and gorgeous!) way to celebrate a birthday. I'm lovin' it! But oh, I'm so spoilt for choice. So many beautiful, beautiful men... but I think Dharmendra gets my vote.

  11. Yay! We're birthday blog twinsies! Happy 2nd blogabirthday!

    I'm not as qualified to vote on sexy 70's babes, but as I have split my vote between Shashi and Vinod I realize there's so much eye candy I've yet to oggle!

  12. Dharmendra. That is all.

    To many more years of blogging! *clink*

  13. Happy Birthday to this fabulous blog! In my honest opinion I would say Manoj but I think I'm slowly going off the man! But never fear, I would definitely pick Vinod for Mr Bollywood but its a tie between him and Shashi n Kabir and all of them! You have too many hot guy too much to choose from!

  14. My hormones frothed and bubbled when Sandokan aired on Doordarshan twenty years ago. Gotto to go with Kabir Bedi.

    Happy birthday to your delightful blog!

  15. Everybody, thank you so much for the good wishes. *grinning from ear to ear* Your comments sure made my day!

    Ness, "Papa" Khanna? NAHIIIN!!!! He's the "original" Khanna. ;-)

    Nasir, Dev, Shammi, Dilip and Rejendra Kumar were hunks too, but not in the 70s! Surely you liked some actors from that decade?

    Beth, masala twinliness does mean never needing to get to know a person to actually know them! And its true, "hot Papa" is not an adjective I'd apply to ANY Kapoor!!! ;-)

    Banno, Ruchi - I love Garam Dharam too, but I am surprised at him almost winning the poll here! I was certain it would be Vinod Khanna.

    Pessimissimo, you mean you're blind to the hunkiness of even Vinod? Tsk tsk tsk... you need to stop being distracted by the lovely heroines! :-D

    dustedoff, that is my favorite B'day song! There were a lot of beautiful men to choose from in the 70s, but Guddi knew what she was about when she chose Dharam. :-D He has the looks AND the substance.

    Shell, I think Shashi and Vinod between them accounted for more eye candy in the 70s than all the rest put together. I would split my vote between them, too!

    memsaab, Dharam does seem to be the hot favorite!

    Rum, too many hot guys is always a good thing, na?

    Niranjana, YOU'VE SEEN Sandokan?!! Cant believe I missed it! :-( I do remember him in a Hema Malini TV series, though. He was the reason I used to watch. :-) Hormone bubbler - thats KB!

  16. hehe bollywooddeewana, those who could carry off a swimsuit well, have already shown off their swim-wear onscreen. So, we do have a fairly good idea about Kabir Bedi's competition! :-)

  17. Happy Birthday!!!!
    My votes would be :

    Mr. Photogenic/ Mr. Cute : Rishi Kapoor
    Beautiful Smile : Rishi Kapoor and Vijay Arora
    Mr. Romantic : Rajesh Khanna
    Best Attitude and Physique : Vinod Khanna
    OIG Viewers Choice : Shashi Kapoor
    Mr. Hormone bubbler : Kabir Bedi
    And Mr. Bollywood would definitely be Dharmendra! :-)

  18. Thanks, sunheriyaadein! And I love your votes. Looks like you chose everybody, but only Dharmendra!!! :-)

  19. Happy belated birthday :D

    Old is Gold and your enthusiasm and excellent blogging never grows old :)

    Keep up the great work!

  20. Love your blog--though I missed out on most of the 2 years.

    Dharam, of course, is winner by a fat margin. I dreamt about him when I was a Rajesh Khanna fan and realized that my subconcious was telling me something.

  21. See, this is why I love your blog! What a fabulous way to celebrate a Birthday. May OIG have many more!

    Dharmendra gets my vote, but memories of Kabir Bedi in "Jab Bhi yeh dil udas hota hai" produced some delicious wavering. :-D

  22. Mister Naidu, thanks so much. You're very kind. :-D

    sophy, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy OiG.

    Dharam is definitely dream-worthy. Has he banished Rajesh Khanna fandom from your life? ;-)

    Shalini, thank you soooo much!! :-D

    Memories of Kabir Bedi get between me and all my other filmi favorites, too! :-) I was surprised to discover Kabir Bedi and Simi Garewal in Jab bhi yeh dil udaas hota hai - didnt realise that he'd done so much in Bombay before his export to foreign lands! :-) How is the film?

  23. A belated Happy Birthday from me, too. I am going to vote on ability to make me watch utter drivel and enjoying it.

  24. Hmm... I wonder who you're talking about? ;-) And thanks so much for the wishes.

  25. Happy, happy, and many happy returns! (Though I'll confess it's a selfish wish on my part, since it means I'll have many more posts to read too!) I agree with your choice of Kabir Bedi. He is absolutely rockin' handsome, to this day.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Awww Ajnabi, thank you soooo much! KB has aged very well, hasnt he? More reason to love him! :-)

    theBollywoodFan, you are very kind. Thank you.

    AB is, in my opinion, the only low point in a 70s Bollywood that was literally bursting with manly beauty! :-) Mind you, we are only speaking of looks, not acting ability. And whats with men not being good judge of their own sex's looks?! I have opinions on the beauty of my fellow women, and have always considered my point-of-view to be just as valid as that of men, and I am sure a majority of women would support me on that. Do men really not notice what other men look like?

  28. I think it's more that they don't want to *admit* that they notice what other men look like. ;-)

  29. Shashi's fans are conspiring to make him win. How else can you explain the neck and neck competition.

  30. lol ajnabi, that makes sense!

    sophy, there is a neck-and-neck competition but Dharam is hanging on to his lead. Another 24 hrs and we'll know who is more popular in blogland! :-)

  31. Happy Birthday to this fabulous blog!..:)

  32. Happy Birthday!
    Bar bar yeh din aye,
    bar bar khushiyan laaye
    tum jeeyo hazaaron sall
    yeh meri hai aarzoo!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to old is gold!
    happy birthday to you!

    Missed the poll!
    And miss Dev, Dilip, Amitabh and Hrithik in the list!

  33. Happy 2nd birthday oig. Sending balloons bollywood ishtyle for your birthday.

    I didn't vote for the simple reason that for me the top hunky guys in ur list are Kabir Bedi (I too have a video copy of Hema Malini's teleserial for KB alone!), Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna and Navin Nischal.

    We are totally in sync about Balraj Sahani. He is one of my fav hindi film actors - saw Seema when I was 14 yrs old! I have had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Balraj Sahani in some more oldies like Aaye Din Bahar Ke, Pyar Ka Rishta etc. I am waiting to see Waqt.

    So far I have seen Blackmail, Bandini, Naseeb, Aaye Din Bahar Ke, The Train and Pyar ka Ristha from my pile of oldies!

  34. ratu, thanks so much!

    harvey, thank you! :-) Thats an ingenious Bolly-parody.

    Would you really include Amitabh in a hunks' list?! For Hrithik and Dev, I'll have a special beauty contest - shaqal se muscle tak!

    Filmbuff, the balloons are decorating my walls, as we speak. :-) Thank you so much!

    Do you remember the name of the Hema-KB teleserial? Was it Noopur?

    I havent seen Pyar Ka Rishta. It has a lovely cast! How is it? And who is the "hero" - Vinod K or Shotgun?

  35. Yes Hema Malini's teleserial is "Noopur".

    Pyar Ka Rishta - has quite a few actors including Vinod, Shatru, Sameer Khan (Feroze and Sanjay Khan's brother). Mumtaaz was really good as a chulbuli village girl. This was shatru's pre- hero days when he was mostly doing roles of a villain. For me Balraj Sahani was the pleasant surprise/bonus. I didn't even know the existence of this movie and happen to glance at it on a 3 in 1 movies DVD which I bought for Vinod Khanna and AB snr's Parvarish. It also has The Burning Train which I haven't seen.

  36. I thought Amitabh had turned pretty good looking by the mid of seventies, in Trishul et al. But then, what do I know. I am a man.

  37. Filmbuff, Pyar Ka Rishta sounds like it needs to go on my to-watch list based on the cast alone! :-)

    Pawan, beauty, as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder, and this particular beholder never beheld anything nearing good looks in AB Sr! :-)

  38. I.Can.NOT.Believe.I.Did.NOT.See.This.

    So sorry!!!!

    I am so late for the celebration!!! :(

    Happy Late Birthday!!

  39. Nicki, thanks!

    "I.Can.NOT.Believe.I.Did.NOT.See.This." hehe Nicki, the hunks are still hanging out in this post. So pig out on the eye-candy! ;-)

  40. Sounds like the voters were all men! I would certainly vote for Dharam instead of Zeenat. Sexy men win over sexy women on OiG, any day!