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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The glorious 70s: waiting for Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Hrishida says hi. He is sorry he cant make it in time for today. He's stuck in Bombay for some last minute work on his film, but you're not to worry about getting bored. He is sending his two best singers along - young men who specialise in Hindustani classical. Their jugalbandi has been known to put people in a trance of musical ecstasy, and their singing would put Pandit Jasraj and Bhimsen Joshi to flight. Here they are, now.

Whats that you just said? This is no classical music concert, its just Amitabh-Dharmendra lip-syncing to Rafi-Kishore?! Heavens!!! Flex your suspension-of-disbelief muscles, people. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are listening to a classical recital not filmi music. Still not getting on board? Well, you have till Hrishida's arrival tomorrow, to work on your suspension of disbelief. See you when he comes, tomorrow. Till then, Khuda haafiz...


  1. Nice to wake up and see Dharmendra's handsome mug in the morning. They were all so delightful. I like Sharmila when she laughs, she's done enough weepy already.

    Also heard that many of Hrishida's movies were shot in his own house. Well, that's a nice house in Chupke chupke.

  2. :-D What a fabulous "trailer"! I can't hardly wait for the main feature.

  3. Yeah, fab trailer! Waiting for Hrishida special post.

  4. sophy, I hadnt heard that he shot films in his home. That is quite a mansion in Chupke Chupke! I thought he had commandeered a government guest house for the shooting - at least for the outdoor shots, the indoor part must have been sets.

    Shalini, I'm working on it! Its just that I keep getting sucked into the goodness that his movies were, and forget all about writing. :-)

    sunheriyaadein, its coming...

  5. Like Shalini and sunheriyaadein, I'm waiting too! Looking forward to your post. :-)

  6. Bollyviewer, he may have used his house to cut production costs or just because he felt comfortable at home. Don't know if his house was part of any of the Chupke chupke sets though. Btw, his house was called 'Anupama' but once again don't know if the Anupama movie was filmed there.

    I replied earlier but it didn't show up. It is probably my general luddite browser skills that are to blame. I've had problems with your website before.

  7. Bad blogger! I hope you wont have such problems in the future. It always works fine for me.

  8. The great Hrishikesh Mukherjee is my favorite & the best Indian director.