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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Secret Santa gift#1 - an Old is Gold song!

“Proof that old is indeed gold!”
Well said Secret Santa, very well said!
Waheeda Rehman in a red wig,Waheeda Rehman in Shatranj

Rajendra Kumar as a Chinese old manRajendra Kumar in Shatranj
and a set that would do credit to a Helen numberWaheeda Rehman in Shatranj
old is TRULY gold!!!
Sadly, I cannot embed this cracktastic video (Ajnabi hoon main from film Shatranj) here. So check it out on youtube:


  1. Yay for Secret Santas. Nice pics.

  2. The song is nice!
    But somehow I'm getting the feeling that Waheeda is feeling very awkward.
    Or is it just my cliched mind?
    She is looking very slim here.

  3. I don't think I have come across this before. Nice!

  4. shell, yup, my Secret Santa is awesome!

    harvey, Waheeda was always pretty slim.

    "I'm getting the feeling that Waheeda is feeling very awkward."

    Maybe she is wondering why she has to do Helen's job?

    Naveeda, I hadnt, either. Makes me want to go watch the film!