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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shashi in fancy dress!!! Guess where....

While I mull over my next post, here are some gratuitous screencaps of my current favorite - Shashi Kapoor - in some unusual costumes. Can any of you guess what movies they are from?

Yes, I've taken a page out of The Memsaab Story and decided to have my own trivia feature - Guess-time! The first one to guess it right gets err... umm... *scratching my head* ... Got it - the winner gets to be Bollywood ka Boss on Old is Gold!
Update June 17, 2008. Here are the answers:
1. Red-capped Shashi from Heeralal Pannalal (1978), where his co-stars were Randhir Kapoor, Zeenat Aman and Neetu Singh.
2. Shashi-joker was seen in Yeh Dil Kisko Doon (1963), co-starring Ragini and Jeevan.
3. The faux-neta in Chor Machaye Shor (1974) which co-stars Mumtaz and Danny.
4. Dacoit Shashi in Ganga Aur Suraj (1980). The movie also features Sunil Dutt, Reena Roy and Sulakshana Pandit.


  1. Oh no! I don't know any! Waaaaah! At least my failure can serve as a justification for the 6 Shashi movies I bought last week....

    It is wrong that of these four I find him the most attractive as a dacoit?

    Hurrah for Shashi-related posts!

  2. Judging by the response, neither does anyone else! As in-charge of International Shashi Relations I think it is imperative that you find out all these things right away. So, I am posting the movies' names on the photos. (Have to admit that of these four, even I prefer the dacoit.) And, no justification is ever required for buying Shashi movies! ;-)

  3. good ones! I haven't seen any of them except Chor Machaye Shor...

  4. Now I need to watch Chor Machaye Shor again because I swear I have that same handbag.

    Agreed that Shashi makes a hot dacoit. How's the film?

  5. So much educational material here!

    ISR is going to establish a series of films as educational outreach.

  6. Arg! Curse my Shashi ignorance! But at least I'm getting edumacated, right? ;-)

  7. I believe that should be shashimucated.

  8. @memsaab: Except for Shashi, you havent really missed much! :-)

    @ppcc rep: So are you copying Shashi fashions or did he know you would come up with these and copy them years ago? ;-)

    Havent yet seen the dacoit film but couldnt resist the screen cap 'coz I've never seen him as a dacoit ever!

    @beth: Great idea! Let me know when the program begins and I will bring along some SAD people to be rescued!

    @ajnabi: Look on the bright side - you still have so many good movies and great moments ahead of you while the rest of us have already seen them and are now reduced to scraping the barrel with all his terrible movies.

    @ppcc and ajnabi: its me who needs educating, now - what is this m doing in education?

    For all you readers who arent aware of SAD, you need to check out ppcc's review of Sharmeelee and Beth's comment there.

  9. re: edumacation; it's a joke (I think originating in the U.S.) implying that if one sticks the "m" in education then one must need a great deal more of it. ;-) People here say it quite a bit but I forgot it might need explaining, sorry! :-)

  10. ajnabi, thanks for edumacating me - after several years in US/Canada I still have a lot to learn!!!