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Monday, March 23, 2009

Shashi Kapoor’s hairy-tale (PartII)

In Part-I you saw that Shashi decided to seek out the help of his tiger friend to escape The Eagle. Here’s what happened next:
Shashi heads for the forest

Shashi looking for a tiger.
Rakhee bathing
Shashi and Rakhee romance
Shashi Kapoor and the tiger
Shashi meets the tiger
Shashi sees a man killed by the tiger
And we know Shashi cannot stand injustice.
Shashi fights the tiger
Shashi killed the tiger
Shashi says...
Seeing your best friend turn murderer and having to kill him, would curl your hair, too! His hair-raising adventures didnt end here. But that is a story for another time.


  1. Dang, you so creative. I can not wait for post 3. :)

  2. I've died and gone to kaughter heaven.

    Woman, you are an utter genious. amazing.

  3. LOVE IT! And must see the film in which Shashi fights a tiger. And also whatever the second photo comes from (even with scary gun) - he's rockin' the scarf, unbuttoned plaid, and yellow jacket. Nom.

    Pleeeeease make us some more comics! Maybe one in which Shashi discovers his popularity in the blogosphere?

  4. Nicki, post 3 will be in the works sometime in the future. I need to stop neglecting the other guys for Shashi, now! ;-)

    Shweta, thanks and glad you enjoyed it.

    Beth, the film is Jaanwar Aur Insaan and trust me, you dont want to see it - inspite of beautiful Rakhee+Shashi, nice songs and the tiger fight. Took me a lot of determination and several weeks to get through it!

    And thats a great idea for a comic. Wonder what he'd think about his enduring popularity in blogland! Will work on it to find out and let you know. ;-)

  5. hahaha! Amazing! Waiting for more! :D

  6. You are awesome. This is so brilliant. The Comic Project had better start pulling their socks up if they want to keep that title of theirs!

  7. Bhargav, thanks!

    dustedoff, thanks! The Comic Project have nothing to fear from me. For the next few weeks at least, I plan on watching movies without mentally ticking off scenes with a view to capping them later! :-D

  8. Lol great as usual, what shashi movie is the tiger from

  9. This is wonderful. A truly hair-curling adventure. I am a bit puzzled as to what happened to the eagle? Was it really scared off by the tiger? Or is it now hidden beneath Shashi's ample curls and peacefully raising a family in there?

  10. bollywooddeewana, the Shashi-tiger face-off occurred in Janwar Aur Insaan.

    gebruss, of course it hid beneath his ample curls raising a family. And once the family was all raised and flown off the nest, Shashi cut his curls! That explains EVERYTHING! :-D